What is the law pattern? What are the causes of the decree?

The most aging part of the face is not the eye bag, nor the forehead, but the decree on both sides of the nose. The young woman can hardly see the two stripe roads, but if the "ditch" is deep, the first impression is that this person is not young. So what is the law pattern? What are the causes of the decree?
What is the law pattern? What is the cause of the pattern? The aging of the skin
For these two "deep ditch", many women want to get rid of it quickly, there are hyaluronic acid, there is injection of autologous fat, and some patients with severe "deep ditch" even go to surgery. However, no matter which method is in the medical field, you should choose a qualified medical institution to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the operation.
In addition, for patients with severe "deep ditch", don't move the knife easily, because the risk is relatively large, and it is possible to cause facial paralysis.
What is the law pattern?
The nasolabial fold is composed of the maxillary process of the upper lip and the tibia, which lies on both sides of the nose to the sides of the mouth. Nasolabial folds, commonly known as "legal lines", are typical skin tissue aging, which causes the surface of the skin to sag. The obvious pattern on the face often makes them look more serious and old, making it difficult to get close. So, what are the reasons for the law lines?
Reasons for the law pattern:
1, the skin's aging relaxation
As the age increases, the collagen of the skin gradually loses, and the skin begins to relax and sag, and the law lines are produced. If it is dry skin, it is more likely to produce a striated pattern, because the water and nutrients in the skin are inherently scarce. When you are older, the loss is more serious. Therefore, people with dry skin should pay more attention to strengthening from a young age. The face is moisturized and hydrated.
2, the expression is too rich, the law is also called the smile pattern
As the name suggests, it is because of love and laughter, especially those girls in their 20s and 30s, which are in the active period of youth, and the rich expression will become an important reason for aggravating the law. Generally speaking, laughing, pouting, and pouting are easy to produce a decree pattern.
3, air pollution, computer phone radiation and irregular daily routine
Air pollution, computer cell phone radiation and irregular daily routines will also speed up the production of legal lines, so to effectively solve the law and order problems, we should avoid these situations as much as possible.
4. People who smoke
This reason is most easily overlooked. The habitual action of smoking causes the frequency of expression of the muscles to increase, accelerates the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the active parts, and prematurely appears aging characteristics that are not compatible with peers. Therefore, it is recommended that people who want to stay young and beautiful for a long time should quit smoking as soon as possible.

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