From 1942, Harley-Davidson, the freedom to achieve a unique electric way

Without crossing, men never know where the boundaries are. Let us enjoy another kind of freedom in this world. Let us boldly imagine the possibility of realizing this freedom and re-imagine the feeling of freedom. This is Harley-Davidson®'s unique and unique electric method. On the road, enjoy the feeling of excitement and satisfaction!

Iron Rider of the American Soldier during World War II, Harley-Davidson XA

The original Harley was "smashed" by a 21-year-old William Harley and a 20-year-old Arthur Davidson in a log cabin in 1903, named "Harley Davidson" with the surname of two people. Now Harley has been marketed to more than 200 countries. Harley car metal texture, beautiful lines and confusing color matching and plating and black paint contrast, even the hot exhaust pipe, deafening but "musible" roar, all match a man The imagination of the materialization of power and freedom in a dream.

For over a century, Harley-Davidson has been synonymous with Liberty Avenue, original power and good times. The image of Milwaukee motorcycles has taken root in the hearts of fans around the world, and they are enthusiastically loyal to V-type twin-cylinder-driven locomotives and the companies that manufacture them. Passion is Halle’s eternal pursuit and ideal. With the burning passion, we have made every motorcycle a fine product. After 110 years of hard work, we are determined to strive for excellence, continuous improvement, and the fire of passion will never go out.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have four distinct and distinctive product lines, each with a rich history and tradition. The entry-level Sportster features an engine with a displacement of 883 or 1200cc; the larger Dyna Glide is equipped with an advanced chassis and suspension system, making it the most smooth land cruiser of Halle; invisible to Softail without changing the look of the rear. The rear suspension meets the rider's comfort requirements; the Harley large wagons such as Electra Glide and Road King pride themselves on providing comfortable rides with four-speaker stereo and cruise control.



Engine off engine - HARLEY-DAVIDSON V-ROD

Harley-Davidson is not just a motorcycle, but a unique way of life that represents freedom and individuality. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not a necessity, nor a daily means of transportation. In fact, Harley-Davidson is introducing the world's leading motorcycle sports and leisure lifestyle to China and redefining and developing motorcycle sports into a fun, exciting and prestigious leisure activity.

The new 2014 SUPERLOW® comes standard with ABS, low-profile seats and easy handling – the rider's confidence will be raised to new heights. China's domestic market is priced at 106,000.

Fat boy, Fat Boy Special (fat custom version). Basic configuration price: 285,000

Appearance, the fat version of the custom version of the model is black sunken, low-sitting, narrow-length seats are very characteristic, and with a half-moon black rider pedals and black twill color frame and rocker arm. The car is 2385mm long, with a seat height of 680mm and a weight of 313kg. In terms of power, the fat version of the car is an air-cooled Twin Cam 96B engine with a displacement of 1584cc and an engine torque of 125N·m.

It’s not just men who surrendered Harley-Davidson. It’s the past, now it’s even more

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