Thermal deformation, Vicat softening point tester / thermal deformation, Vicat softening point tester

1. XWB-300LW type and XWB-300 type D (hereinafter referred to as LW type and D type) thermal deformation and Vicat softening point temperature measuring instrument are used to adapt to the rapid development of the plastics industry and improve the research and testing level of materials. The latest international and national standards: ISO75-1: 1993 "Determination of plastic-load deformation temperature", ISO 306:1994 "Determination of plastic-thermoplastic Vicat softening point temperature", GB/T1633-2000 "The thermoplastic Vicat softening" The measurement of point temperature, GB/T1634-2001 "Determination of plastic-load deformation temperature" is widely used in plastic chemical enterprises and scientific research institutions. The system is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, and the liquid crystal display makes the product performance more stable, simple in operation and high in automation. It is the most advanced testing instrument for the deformation and softening temperature of non-metallic materials in China.

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