After 80 home furnishing selection of high-cost wardrobe sliding door display personality

[ China Wardrobe ] Today, the increasingly influential consumer power in the market may be the only child born in the 1980s. This group of people does not have too many memories of traditional culture, but grows and cultures flourish. After the 80s, they have independent personalities and thoughts. The furniture they choose will not be based on too much personality or arrogance. After some comparison, the economy and practicality will be favored by them. Just like a wardrobe sliding door, ordinary people seem to have no distinction. In fact, they think that materials, patterns, and prices will greatly affect this wardrobe.

Federal Gordon SG801 哗叽 grey sliding door wardrobe

Cost-effective sliding door

[Recommended index]: ★★★★★

[Product Description]: The surface is tempered and painted glass. The color of the ash is harmonious and warm. The two large diagonal flowers echo each other with artistic sense, giving people a bright feeling. The slide rail adopts a fully open rail, which is smooth and smooth, and is easy to clean. The cabinet is a high-quality process made by the Federal High-density, and the solid wood particle board is environmentally friendly.

Etele imported tiled sliding door

Wardrobe sliding door price

[Recommended index]: ★★★☆☆

[Product Description]: The surface of the door panel is imported tiled board. The thickened 12% medium fiber door panel is more sturdy. It is equipped with double-sided glass wire and waist line. It has full artistic sense. The slide rail adopts full open rail, which is easier. clean.

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