Personal trainer reveals how the US supermodel maintains a perfect curve

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Kate Upton is enchanting swimsuit model, her golden hair, slender legs curve type and the beautiful woman she boarded the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition cover, and a household name overnight. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported recently, the American popular personal trainer Secret supermodel Kate Upton the media to maintain a perfect body shape diet and fitness tips. He also said that anyone with a firm mind and action can have a sultry figure like Kate.

The personal trainer and body shaping expert Justin Gelband told the media: " Since seeing Kate on the first day, she said she wants to change herself and has a sexy curve. She is really a good example for all young girls. " Kate succeeded Completed the tailor-made exercise schedule for Justin . This fitness method is called "ModelFIT" , which combines samba, martial arts and functional training, Capoeira, Pilates and Yoga. It is very effective and even some customers call it " model ". Secret weapon " . This method of exercise is said to stretch, strengthen the entire body, and tighten the thighs and smooth the abdominal muscles.

Kate is not "ModelFIT" fitness method only star, Justin fitness classes attracted many celebrities, also including Irina Shayk, Miranda can be children, Candice · 斯瓦内普尔and so on. This fitness course costs £ 30 , the course lasts about 45 to 50 minutes, one class is limited to ten people, and the fitness room is located in New York.

   Justin also said that the perfect body shape not only through strict exercise, but also with a healthy diet, he said: " Food is definitely the first. When I discuss their exercise program with my students, I said to them. One thing to note is to eat in moderation, not to eat sugar, salt, alcohol, carbonate, etc. "

He believes that a complete ban on the intake of carbohydrates is not good, he suggested that people who want to have a body like Kate Upton should get carbohydrates from vegetables, brown rice as much as possible. However, he advises people who are on a diet to try to use these carbohydrates as much as possible, preferably twice a week.

When talking about the enviable body curve, Kate has revealed that no matter how busy she is, she will spend a lot of time to exercise. She said: ".. My work schedule is very busy, but I will still take the time to exercise and relax I will do facials regularly when in New York; When I travel, my coach will help me plan my fitness," she It is also important to say that adequate sleep and drinking water are also available.


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