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The incubator is the main equipment for cultivating microorganisms and can be used for the cultivation and reproduction of bacteria and cells. The principle is to use artificial methods to create an artificial environment for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, cells, and bacteria in the incubator, such as controlling a certain temperature, humidity, and gas. The current incubators are mainly divided into four types: direct electric heating incubators, water-proof electric heating incubators, biochemical incubators and carbon dioxide incubators.

(1) The shells of electric and water-proof incubators are usually made of asbestos board or iron spray paint. The inner layer of the water-proof incubators is water storage interlayer made of copper skin. The interlayer of the box is made of thermal insulation materials such as asbestos or glass wool to enhance the thermal insulation effect. A thermometer is installed on the top of the incubator, which is automatically controlled by a temperature controller to keep the temperature inside the box constant. The water-proof incubator uses an electric heating tube to heat water. The electric incubator uses a heating wire to directly heat and uses air convection to make the temperature inside the box even. On the front side of the incubator, there are indicator lights and temperature adjustment knobs. When the power is turned on, the red indicator light is on. Turn the knob to the required scale according to the required temperature. When the temperature reaches the red indicator light, Indicates that the required temperature has been reached in the box, and the temperature in the box is automatically controlled by a reliable temperature controller thereafter.

Use and maintenance:

(1) The culture in the box should not be over-squeezed to facilitate the convection of the hot air. The door should be closed at hand regardless of the items inserted or removed to avoid temperature fluctuations.

(2) Electric heating incubator should put a water container in the box to maintain a certain humidity.

(3) The water-proof incubator should pay attention to adding water before energizing. At the same time, the water level should be checked frequently and water should be added in time.

(4) When using the electric heating incubator, the wind roof should be unscrewed properly to facilitate the temperature adjustment in the box.

(2) Biochemical incubator This incubator is equipped with electric wire heating and compressor cooling. Therefore, the adaptable range is very large, and it can be maintained at a constant temperature throughout the year, so it is gradually popularized. The incubator is similar to the electric heating incubator for maintenance. Since the compressor is installed, the precautions for refrigerator maintenance should also be observed. For example, keep the voltage stable, do not tilt it excessively, and clean the radiator dust in time.

(3) Carbon dioxide incubator The carbon dioxide incubator is improved on the basis of ordinary cultivation, mainly by adding CO2 to meet the environment required for the cultivation of microorganisms. Mainly used for tissue culture and the cultivation of some special microorganisms.

1. Installation and commissioning of the CO2 incubator There is an operation panel on the front of the CO2 incubator. The panel is equipped with a power switch, temperature regulator, CO2 injection switch, CO2 adjustment knob, humidity adjustment knob, temperature display panel, and CO2 display panel. And humidity display panel, carbon dioxide sample hole and alarm device.

(1) The incubator should be placed in a stable location and away from heat sources to prevent temperature fluctuations and microbial contamination.

(2) Before turning on the power, add certain distilled water to the incubator according to the instruction manual to avoid burning the machine.

(3) When the water is added to a certain amount, the alarm light is on, that is, stop adding water, turn on the power switch, start heating, and adjust the temperature controller to the desired temperature.

(4) When the temperature reaches the required temperature, the heating is automatically stopped. When the required temperature is exceeded, the over-temperature alarm light is on and an alarm sounds.

(5) The CO2 used in the incubator can be liquid CO2 or gas. No matter which CO2 is used, the supply pipe should not be too bent to ensure the smooth flow of the gas. Generally choose CO2 steel cylinder, just connect the pressure control meter.

(6) After the temperature and humidity in the box have stabilized, adjust the CO2 content to zero, and turn the CO2 adjustment knob to adjust the number on the display panel to 0.00. After 5 minutes, if necessary, repeat the adjustment until the reading on the display panel is stable until. Turn on the CO2 injection switch, adjust the CO2 set value to the desired concentration, and make the concentration reach the set value (the injection lamp goes out), and maintain it for at least 10 minutes. After that, the CO2 content in the box is automatically adjusted by the CO2 controller.

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