Russian furniture analysis of urban furniture and urban modern furniture

Russian furniture has never had the status and influence of world-class furniture styles like the British Elizabethan, Windsor, French Louis and Chinese Ming Dynasty furniture, but the country is vast, rich in forest resources, and the wood-based panel industry is relatively developed. . Rich natural materials and industrial materials provide a solid material foundation for the furniture manufacturing industry, and use this as a clue to seek new structures and techniques to produce a variety of furniture forms. Typical furniture categories include rustic furniture. Urban modern furniture, youth furniture, classical furniture, etc., the first two pieces of furniture are now analyzed as follows.

The rustic furniture is simple and elegant, mostly made of Chinese fir and pine. The exterior is not artificially modified, and the original color and texture of the wood are preserved. The defects such as knots, twill, twisted lines, discoloration, etc., which are usually regarded as wood, are also the same. Reserved. The structure of this kind of furniture is exposed, the shape is simple and rudimentary, the pursuit of the natural appearance, giving people the feeling of returning to nature, so it is popular in northern Europe, and also has a certain market share in China.

Urban modern furniture keeps pace with changes in the lifestyle and working methods of the times, and develops new products in time to meet the needs of the market. This type of furniture is widely used, such as metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, rattan, glass, marble, etc. The processing methods rely on high and new technology, and the degree of standardization, serialization and generalization of products is high. Universal component plug-in furniture, only need 6 kinds of common components, no need for hardware connection, through different combinations, can change the table, chair, bed and bookshelf and other varieties. The high-back semi-soft chair and the back of the chair are curved wood, and the whole shape is clean and smooth. Among the various furniture categories, urban modern-style homes account for the largest proportion, and are a variety of varieties, fast-changing furniture categories.

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