Luggage Equipment: Quality Assurance for Travel Luggage Products

Luggage Equipment: Quality Assurance for Travel Luggage Products

   China is currently a major producer of luggage. In 2005 , China’s luggage exports totaled over US$ 7 billion, accounting for nearly 70% of the total imports from Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions. However, looking ahead, the outlook for exports is not optimistic. The main reasons are:

First, there is no independent brand and the products are inexpensive.

Second, it is the growing friction in international trade. The previous development mode of low price expansion and volume win has placed China's luggage under high risk of international trade friction.

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International standards involved in testing





exam topic:

Class A general product assessment project :

Technological level

Check if there are any bad designs or components that are harmful to the user during use.

Roller / handle performance

Set the load of the bag under normal use, examine the fatigue resistance of the roller after rolling for a long time, and the strength and durability of the handle / strap.

Class B Higher Quality Products Assessment Project :

Static load test

Set the load to test the strength of the handle / strap when it is in the static suspension condition beyond the normal weight.

Pull handle dynamic strength load test

It can simulate the strength of the handle when the handle is under load. For example, when the bag handle pulls repeatedly and puts it down, it will reflect the damage of the material and the poor design of the handle structure.

Class C quality product assessment project :

Drop test

The normal weight-bearing bag samples fell at a certain height and fell for a corresponding number of times to check for broken conditions.

Squeeze test

Simulates cases where bags are squeezed during transport or in storage.

Rod durability test

Simulate the process of raising and lowering the pull rod to check the fatigue resistance of the pull rod mechanism.

other projects

Case - Structural Stability Test

Material physical properties -

The weight of the fabric, the friction / light fastness of the fabric and leather, the seam fastness of the lock / zipper / handle / strap.

Material chemical properties -

Azo dyes that can release carcinogenic aromatic amines, formaldehyde content, total cadmium content, hexavalent chromium test.

Attachments -

The corrosion-resistant metal member, durability test fastener opening / closing of the lock opening / closing durability test, shear magic posts, tear away force, durability.

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