Cartridge nozzle common problem analysis

Case I: Cannot identify the ink cartridge

Users who use continuous ink supplies may often encounter situations where the machine is not printing after a certain period of use because the printer cannot recognize the black ink cartridge.

Fault cause and solution: This happens mainly because the printer's waste ink tank is full. In fact, every inkjet printer has a fixed accessory life setting. When some accessories have reached the end of their life, the printer will not be able to print. Since the waste ink is easily formed during the use of the continuous ink supply system, it is easy to cause the waste ink tank to be full. This situation can be dealt with in two ways: either clearing the printer's motherboard with reset software to clear the printer's settings; or you can change the sponge in the waste ink tank to the maintenance point. I recommend users to use the latter. Because simply clearing easily leads to waste ink leaking and burning the printer.

Case 2: The head carriage swings slowly, causing low-speed printing

Reforming the continuous ink supply system will often renovate the original ink cartridges, which will inevitably lead to the burden on the car. Under overloaded conditions, the word carriage will act slowly. Moreover, overloading can also lead to accelerated aging of the printer belt and increase the friction between the carriage and the connecting rod. These will cause the print speed to slow down. In severe cases, it can also cause the car to fail to reset and then become unusable.

Failure reasons and solutions: 1, replace the motor. The hose of the continuous ink supply system is rubbed against the wall of the printer, resulting in an increase in the load on the electric motor, long-term loss of the electric motor, and attempt to replace it; 2. Lubrication of the connecting rod. For a long time, the friction between the carriage and the connecting rod in the machine becomes large, and the increase in resistance causes the electric motor to run slowly. At this time, lubrication of the connecting rod can solve the problem; 3, the printer belt is aging. The gear friction force connected with the motor will accelerate the aging of the belt of the printer. At this time, cleaning and lubrication can reduce the aging of the belt.

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