Makeup Tips teach you step through the autumn

It is about to enter the autumn, and the current cosmetics market is beginning to show autumn products. In many products on the market, the makeup is very hot. How can the makeup be beautiful in the autumn? Now let the 360xh editor share her makeup steps , so that you can easily and beautifully hang on the streets in the fall.

Teach you a few tricks to make up the steps in the fall

Teach you a few tricks to make up the steps in the fall

1, outline the eyeliner

Use the eyeliner to start from the root of the eye, stick to the root of the eyelashes, draw it at the end of the eye, stretch it slightly, then lift it up. The upper and lower eyeliner creates an invisible connection and then use it at the lower eyeliner. The red eyeliner is slightly reinforced at the corners of the eyes, and finally smudges the natural effect.

2, drooping eye shadow

In the lower eyelids and the end of the eye, apply a gray-brown eye shadow, which is perfectly blended with the dark brown of the upper eye shadow. It is neither strong nor sexy brown eye shadow, creating a drooping eye shadow, making the eyes look It is more sexy and very fascinating.

3, brighten the eye socket

If you want your eyes to look more three-dimensional, you can do it by brightening your eye sockets. First, use beige eyeshadow or brown eye shadow. Use eye shadow brush to gently rub a little eye shadow, then rotate it back and forth in the eye socket, then use eye shadow to brush it. The eyelid folds are brushed back and forth, making the eyes look a lot of three-dimensional beauty.

4, light up the corner of the eye

The soft combination of gray and brown creates a gentle smoky effect, which makes the eyeliner and eye shadow blend more, and then adds a bright yellow eye shadow to the corner of the eye, which plays the role of lighting the corner of the eye. There is a mystery, and the effect is very perfect.

5, eyebrow lining

Select the eyebrow gel of the same color as the eye shadow, and apply it along the length of the eyebrow: first apply it from the brow to the brow, then start coloring from the root, and then comb from the brow to the brow. The double eyebrows thus painted are very natural, and the prominent eyes have a three-dimensional beauty. The matching of the eyebrows is also a must for sexy makeup.

6, lip shape

Start with the center of the upper part of the lips and draw on both sides. If the lips are slightly larger, gather at the corners of the mouth, the lips will look delicate, highlighting the "M" shape of the lip peak, and then use the lip brush to pick up the purple The red-toned red lips evenly spread the lips, and finally the lip gloss brightens, adding a sense of beauty.

In order to survive the whole autumn, many women who spend makeup spend a lot of money and buy a lot of cosmetics, but they don’t know the makeup steps, which means they need to learn the makeup steps carefully. Then this article will have a need for this. A kind of help from a beauty person.

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