Packaging Printing Options: Label Printing PK Body Screen Printing

Faced with a variety of packaging options, why do manufacturers prefer labels? Cost is a big factor. In color packaging, labels are undoubtedly a cost-saving method. MEPCO's Jean-Marc Perez explained that the number of colors in a print job determines the number of prints necessary to ultimately determine the price of the package.

Perez said. "People choose labels because they have more colors but they spend less."

Tropper agreed that cost is a big reason for choosing a label, he said, "Bottle screen printing, especially multi-color screen printing is much more expensive than the label printing, production requirements are much higher. In addition, a single production line of multiple varieties (SKU), That is, when the containers are the same and the printing is different, inventory of various high-priced containers and inventory single containers plus various low-priced labels, the former must not be worthwhile."

Van Alstine feels that flexibility is the main reason people choose the first label from all packaging techniques. He said that labels can personalize information more effectively, respond to customer changes faster, and reduce product inventory.

McDowell agrees that labeling gives customers more choices than using direct-printing bottles. "Using labels allows brands to flexibly introduce new products, or new products in the same product, without guessing which product sells the most." Good or fastest. In addition, manufacturers can market new products freely and quickly in the middle of the sales season. Even without forecasts, they can capitalize promotion opportunities."

Tropper thinks time is another deciding factor, "the label can be produced faster, and the delivery time is shorter than the direct printing on the bottle body."

Carnes believes that the arbitrariness of color matching is another reason why labels are the ideal choice, she said. “Using UV flexo or water-based inks, customers can get any color they want.” Four-color patterns can be easily printed on labels.

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