Ampacet Introduces New Transparent LLDPE Film Refresher

Ampacet Corporation has introduced a transparent PE film antiblocking agent masterbatch 102286. This is a brand-new product that can improve the transparency of LLDPE film. It consists of a synergistic inorganic anti-blocking agent, a transparent agent, and an amide-based slip agent, which can improve the transparency and gloss of the film by 65% ​​and 50%, respectively.

102286 will not absorb other additives, but also can make the LLDPE crystallization temperature increased by 13 °C, the film forming temperature increases and speed up the molding speed. In addition, the use of 102286 to improve the transparency and gloss of LLDPE film, no longer need to use blended resin, can reduce the cost of raw materials, and the amount of 102286 is only 2%, lower than other anti-blocking agents.

Source: National Plastics Processing Industry Information Center

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