CANOPY Innovative Filling and Sealing Machine

The new generation CANOPY filling and capping machine for the filling of PET bottles manufactured by the French company Serac is an innovative machine. With the existing rotary filling machine is very different. The mechanical part of the filling machine is located in the upper part of the top cover. The adjustment device is easy and can carry out various maintenances at a person standing height position. The redesigned sensor is transmitted from the neck and the newly invented filling quantity deployment device is called. For Dynaflow. This device reduces the size between filling nozzles, making the machine's appearance more fine and clearer. The CANOPY filling and sealing machine is easy to use, as long as the two parameters of the specified weight and filling speed can be used to start the machine filling. The deployment is through a sheet-like nozzle, and there is no contact between the filling nozzle and the bottle. The liquid splashes, spilled liquid will flow into a collection tank, easy to clean. The price of the CANOPY filling and sealing machine is more advantageous than similar products with flowmeters. Its production capacity is 18,000 bottles per hour for cans and is suitable for filling water and cooking oil.

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