CHEP Announces Latest RFID Product: 3-in-1 Tag

Recently, CHEP announced their latest RFID innovative 3-in-1 tag at the 7th CGCSA/ECR-SA conference. The 3-in-1 label displayed by CHEP is compatible with electronic coding, barcodes, and human-readable codes.

CHEP is an industry leader in RFID application research in the supply chain. In conjunction with its important research in the implementation of RFID applications, the company found that the company developed this new 3-in-1 label, which has the following innovative features:

- Readability of multiple codes (RFID electronic coding, bar code, and visual identification code) so that it is not necessary to install RFID readers at all supply chain points.

- Full compliance with EPCglobal's standards.

-- Read and write functions. The 3-in-1 tag provides two pages of memory. On the one hand, CHEP customers can temporarily record product-related information, such as serial shipping container codes; on the other hand, they can permanently record the CHEP asset information.

-- Unique packaging form. The 3-in-1 label package protects the label from external interference (such as metal and moisture) while also optimizing the readability of the label to standard EPC readers.

- Clearly identify tags by color and high-quality symbol printing.

CHEP will use this innovative label for the first time in the company's US IBC business. These containers are used to contain liquid raw materials and food ingredients. The new label is particularly suitable for IBC's metal construction and liquefied materials inside. Through the 3-in-1 label, CHEP's customers will be able to further improve the visibility of the items.

"We are very excited to bring this exciting invention to market," said Jurie Welman, president of CHEP Africa and the Middle East. “The 3-in-1 label shows that we have confidence in improving the efficiency of supply chain operations. Today, we are convinced that it will help our customers meet their requirements.

"This tagging solution may allow all CHEP customers to increase their access to relevant data on product tracking, whether or not they are ready to adopt RFID tags," concluded Brian Beattie, vice president of marketing at CHEP.

Source: RFID World Network

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