Packaging cushioning parts

[Abstract] The present invention relates to a packaging cushioning member inside a packaging box for packaging products such as microwave ovens. An upper buffer member (30) is provided between the upper end of the microwave oven (1) and the package (40). The upper buffer member (30) includes an upper mounting surface (32) placed on the upper surface of the microwave oven (1), and the upper mounting surface (32) has upper corner pads (31) for containing the four corners of the microwave oven (1). A lower buffer member (35, 35') is provided below the microwave oven (1), and lower corner cushions (36, 36') are provided at both ends of the lower buffer member (35, 35') and between the lower buffer members (35, 35'). Lower mounting surface (37) is formed. The lower mounting surface (37) has a vertical buffer member (50) on which the lower portion of the microwave oven (1) can be mounted. According to the above structure, when the microwave oven (1) is placed in the packing box (40), the vertical buffer member (50) is not deformed, and the microwave oven (1) can be more firmly supported, thereby preventing the packing box (40). )damaged.

[Sovereign Items] 1. A cushioning component for packaging, characterized by comprising: an upper cushioning component and a lower cushioning component placed between the product and the package to prevent external impact and external forces from being transmitted to the product; One side of the cushioning component supports the vertical cushioning component of the product.

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