Application of anti-stick packaging materials in chemical and food packaging

[Abstract] The present invention relates to the use of anti-stick packaging material in packaging chemicals and foods, in particular fine chemicals such as vitamins, carotenoids, spices and fragrances and pharmaceutical chemicals, as well as their formulations and formulations. .

Sovereign Items 1. Use of a packaging material comprising at least one coating composition having release properties for packaging chemicals and foods other than minerals and vegetable oils, the composition comprising a coating-based composition as an additive The solid portion of the material is 0.1 to 10% by weight of a branched polymer having a weight average molecular weight of 2000 to 200000 g and is composed of: (a) a polymer base molecule, and (b) a Si-C bond and if If desired, the spacer group is attached to the base molecule and has a weight average molecular weight of 1000 to 30000 g and comprises from 5 to 25% by weight of the polydiorganosiloxane side chain, based on the total weight of the copolymer.

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1.Adopt PLC for controlling by automatic program.
2.Adopt servo motor system for feeding blade. It characterize in stable, high precision, and minimum maintenance.
3. The motors are drive by frequency converter which is vector output style. It characterizes in stable power output both in slow speed and high speed.
4. Adopt a touch panel for inputting data. The user can operate the machine and monitor the machine status from it.
5. The user can set 10 groups of cutting size in one working cycle. Then the machine will cut automatically.
6.The user can operate the machine from two different places: the touch panel and the operation panel. It is very convenient for the user.
6. Adopt servo motor for fixing cutting position; precise ball screw drive. The cutter moves forward left or right on the linear motion guide which is very precise. All these parts are very important on this machine. We adopt the best quality so as to make the cutting precise and stable.
7. The motors are stepless speed regulation; and theirs rotation direction is reversal. These functions are good for cutting different tapes.
8. Blade cooling system is adopted to the cutter. When cutting, it cools down and lubricates the knife automatically. The tape will never be melted.
9.The cutter angle can turn left or right automatically. This function is very useful when cutting tapes with different diameter; this is because different diameter requests different angle. It can also improve the cutting precision and make the operating simpler.
10.Adopt a sharping system to sharp the blade so as to make sure the cutting is alway complete.
11. Adopt safe solutions to protect both the user and the machine. We set safe program in the PLC; in some dangerous cases, the machine will stop automatically. If the condition does not allow, the machine can not start
so as to avoid danger. And, the machine can make alarm automatically when to show the wrong operating and the potential dangers. A security closed cover is adopted. It is more safety for the user than other machines. Besides, this machine is best for use in the Clean-Room environment.

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