Recyclable packaging wire for welding wire

[Abstract] The present invention relates to a recyclable packaging wrapper for welding wire that has high strength and can be recycled easily after use. The recyclable wire packaging tube of the present invention is made of a metal material, and the wire packing tube for take-up wire has a ring of a predetermined diameter and a lower ring radially connecting a plurality of spokes corresponding to the length of the diameter. An upper ring of the same diameter as the above lower ring is formed into a ring, and the two ends of the lower ring and the upper ring are respectively connected to both ends of the lower ring by a welding method, and have the same diameter and the lower ring as the lower ring or the upper ring. More than one intermediate ring connected to the upper ring in parallel with the upper ring.

【Sovereignty Items】 1. A recyclable wire packaging tube (10) made of a metal material and used for take-up of welding wire, characterized in that it has an annular shape with a predetermined diameter and is radially connected to correspond to the diameter The lower ring (11) of the plurality of spokes (12) of length is formed into an annular upper ring (13) having the same diameter as the lower ring (11), and the two ends are connected to the lower ring (11) and the upper end respectively by a welding method. The plurality of barrel vertical bars (14) of the ring (13) and the same diameter as the above-mentioned lower ring (11) or upper ring (13) are welded and connected in parallel with the lower ring (11) and the upper ring (13). One or more intermediate rings (15) on the barrel vertical bars (14).

Source: Wanfang Data Resources

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