Winter solid wood wardrobe is the most afraid of dry lock moisture is the key (Figure)

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The cold winter weather is dry, we will do a good job of moisturizing and carefully caring for our skin. But at the same time, please don't forget our best companion solid wood wardrobe, but also need to take care of it, regular cleaning can not be less, locking moisture is the key.

Use moisture care products to lock in moisture

Solid wood wardrobe renderings

Solid wood cloakroom renderings

Tip: Winter air humidity is small, so pay special attention to not let the furniture directly contact the sun to avoid a drier situation.

At the same time, in the winter, we must pay attention to protect the paint film of the furniture to avoid accelerating the aging of the furniture. Wooden furniture can not be easily wiped with a wet rag, but should use professional furniture care oil and other home care products to ensure that the moisture in the wood is locked, so that the furniture maintains normal moisture content, prevents dry cracking of wood, and extends furniture. The service life. However, it is not possible to excessively increase the humidity of the air in order to prevent drying. After all, long-term wet furniture is more susceptible to deformation due to expansion and decay, and proper maintenance measures can be used to extend the life of the furniture.

Regular cleaning to prevent dust intrusion

Winter wardrobe maintenance

Four-door solid wood wardrobe picture

It is understood that asthma, allergic rhinitis and other high-risk symptoms in autumn and winter are often caused by dust mites in the living room, while dust mites mainly breed in sofas, bedding, cushions, mattresses and pillows. Therefore, if the room uses a large amount of fabric supplies, it is necessary to clean the dust frequently. For example, the fabric sofa is best to remove dust once a week, especially pay attention to the handrails, cushions and gaps of the sofa are the key cleaning parts, and the cloth cover of the sofa should be removed and cleaned regularly; the bedding and the pillow core should be washed frequently; when the weather is fine Take detachable cushions, cushions, etc. into the sun to eliminate moisture and kill mold.

Although the early winter sun is not as strong as the summer, the prolonged sun exposure, combined with the already dry climate, can easily lead to cracks and partial fading in the furniture in the room due to the wood being too dry.

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