Characteristics of Shanghai Tilting Analysis Steel Strand Relaxation Testing Machine

In the design process, the strand strand relaxation test machine absorbs the design concept and structural characteristics of famous steel wire testing machine companies such as Germany and Italy, and is developed according to the relevant national standards of steel hinge line test. Relaxation test of materials such as wire, galvanized steel wire and scored steel wire.

Strand Strand Relaxation Tester Features

1. Horizontal horizontal pull structure, two main light bars are arranged in a trapezoidal shape. As an upgrade and improvement product of the vertical relaxation test machine, the operation is more intuitive, simple and safe. The extended stretching space and the length of the sample are above 2450 mm, which improves the accuracy of the test results. The main frame of 2 times the maximum test force avoids the test error caused by the slack of the structural frame and increases the accuracy of the test. It adopts self-locking worm gear and worm gear structure and has no gap ball screw. It has compact structure and high efficiency.

2, the use of high stability, high precision imported load sensor, reducing the relative error of the test force value.

3. The grating digital deformation measurement sensor is used to fundamentally avoid the influence of the zero drift and temperature drift of the traditional analog sensor on the measurement result, and the fine deformation of the sample is measured at all times to ensure the measurement during long-term test. Stability is superior to traditional displacement retention.

4. Imported all-digital AC servo motor is adopted to ensure high efficiency, low noise and stable transmission of the transmission system.

5. Specialized module test software, full open design, hierarchical authority management, network transmission for data transmission.

6. The whole digital closed-loop control and measurement system of the testing machine adopts all-digital technology to realize three closed-loop control of force, deformation and displacement. The test force and deformation measurement are not divided into files, and the resolution is 300,000 yards. The data acquisition channel can be extended, the sampling frequency is high, and the communication speed is fast.

7. The long three-lobed wedge clamp is more firmly clamped; it is equipped with a special mold release paste, which is very easy to loosen after the experiment.

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