Nobel tile price list to enjoy high-quality life

Ceramic tiles are one of the main materials for interior decoration. Not only are ceramic tiles easy to clean, they also make the whole room look neat and bright. If friends who have used Nobel tiles in their home decoration must still be impressed with the price of Nobel tiles, it is much more expensive than other well-known brands. What is the Nobel tile price list ? Today we take a look at the Nobel tile price list .

Nobel tile price list one

Nobel 2812 wall tiles 4.85 yuan / piece

Nobel 2815 wall tiles 5.40 yuan / piece

Nobel 2829 wall tiles 3.75 yuan / piece

Nobel tile price list 2

Nobel 30510 vitrified brick 10.72 yuan / piece

Nobel 30516 vitrified brick 12.68 yuan / piece

Nobel 60629 vitrified brick 60.60 yuan / piece

Nobel 63810 vitrified brick 38.68 yuan / piece

Nobel 60630 vitrified brick 46.00 yuan / piece

Nobel 80702 vitrified brick 181.90 yuan / piece

Nobel 60702 vitrified brick 88.96 yuan / piece

Nobel tile price list three

Nobel 2836S tiles 28.80 yuan / piece

Nobel 2838S tiles 47.10 yuan / piece

Nobel 3257 retro floor tiles 7.90 yuan / piece

Nobel T34103 floor tile 10.53 yuan / piece

Nobel 2838L waist line 18.87 yuan / piece

Nobel 2587YL2 waistline 57.47 yuan / piece

The above prices are for reference only, please refer to the local dealer's selling price.

Regarding the Nobel ceramic tile price list , I will introduce it here. I hope it will be helpful to you. More decoration information is available on this website.

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