Demystifying the part of a woman who is most afraid of water shortage

Demystifying the part of a woman who is most afraid of water shortage

Many women pay great attention to moisturizing, but many of them stay in the face to moisturize. Today, Xiaobian reveals the six parts that women are most afraid of lack of water!

1, eyebrows

The eyebrows are very easy to lack water. Many eyebrows are peeling due to severe water shortage in the eyebrows. The small faces look very smooth and smooth, but the eyebrows are very dry. This is a lot of crush that will be ignored for skin moisturizing. detail. Some eyebrows apply cream to avoid the skin around the eyes, but the eyebrows and eyebrows are neglected. Therefore, when applying the cream, be sure to take care of the eyebrows and eyebrows, especially the eyebrows should be painted several times to avoid dry.

2, ear

The eyebrows pay attention to moisturizing small faces. However, the ear skin is also a part of the facial skin. How can I ignore it? Usually the girls will choose the ear to test the allergies, but it is easy to care for the moisturizing work of the ear skin. After applying the facial skin, the eyebrows should remember to apply the ear skin and the skin around the ear, and gently massage with both hands to relieve the skin and avoid tightening the facial skin due to dry ears. Be aware that the ear is closely connected to the facial skin.

3, nose wing

Among the facial skin, the girls are more concerned with the maintenance of the cheeks on both sides. It is very easy to ignore the nose. Many girls have passed the cream on their noses. How can this be done? Nasal skin Because of lack of water, it can cause symptoms such as peeling, redness, itching, especially in the nose. If it is not moisturized in time, it will induce blackheads and oil, which will affect the overall facial appearance. It is important for the girls to pay attention to the moisturizing work of the nose. After washing the face, you can focus on the toner on the nose and massage it in a circle to avoid the lack of water in the nose.

4, the neck

Neck skin is also a part of the moisturizing care that the eyebrows can easily ignore. Generally, the eyebrows apply the toner to the face, and the neck is easy to ignore. Unlike facial skin, the neck skin needs to be maintained separately by the eyebrows. It can be applied with a moisturizing neck cream to massage the neck skin according to the massage technique from bottom to top. This can effectively avoid the appearance of horizontal stripes and sagging skin. It should be noted that the neck skin is very thin and the elasticity is poor. When applying the moisturizing neck cream, the strength must be gentle, otherwise the fine lines will be aggravated!

5, hands

How many crushes ignore the maintenance of the skin of the hand because of the rush of time. After applying a whole set of skin care products, it is necessary to give the hand skin a comprehensive maintenance. Be aware that the rough and smooth hands are the key to your charm. In summer, you should pay attention to the moisturization of your hands. Especially in air-conditioned rooms, apply hand cream in time to avoid dry and dry skin.

6, the hairline

Some girls will ignore the skin moisturizing treatment at the hairline. Therefore, if you pick up the bangs, you will find that the hairline wrinkles are very rough and dark yellow. If you don't allow such cockroaches to exist, hurry and moisturize them.

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