Can't be willful, look at your body changes after stopping exercise


No matter how you plan your life, sometimes you can't do it according to your own wishes. Whatever the reason, you may one day be unable to exercise for a long time or a long time. There is no doubt that this will bring some regression to your bodily functions. The following will tell you the five most common fitness stagnation periods and the corresponding changes in the body and how to re-enable the body as strong as before. 3013.jpg

1, "summer again, I have to exercise it for two months, and now my body is very good. Can not go to the gym to start today." (after the cessation of staged movement)
     Many people should be familiar with the above paragraphs, and many people will do short-term fitness for a certain goal. And if you have a little fitness knowledge, you will spend a period of 1 to 2 months to arrange a fitness program that includes strength and aerobic training to help reduce weight and shape. This is good, but the problem is that often after your time, your exercise plan will stop. Then, some of the physical changes you get in the short term will fade, you will find that some parts of your body begin to soften, your strength begins to decrease, and you will soon enter the breathing mode when you climb the stairs.
     Studies have shown that 2 months of fitness can increase body strength by 46% , and when you stop exercising for 2 months, your body strength will be reduced by 23% , that is, half of your sweat will be dissipated. Of course you still have to be stronger than when you are not exercising. Such data is not absolutely correct, depending on your physical condition before starting exercise, the better your health, the slower and less the rate and extent of physical decline after stopping exercise. For example, a triathlete who does not train for 2 months may only have a 5% or 10% reduction in physical functioning compared to training .
     In any case, if you have a stagnation of movement as described above, remember to do some stretching and stretching exercises after the next re-starting exercise, and choose to use the 75% weight of the previous training to practice and follow the body when doing weight-bearing exercises. The feedback gradually increases the training weight. The good news is that you will be able to revert to the state of the last training session with just half the training time spent before. 3014.jpg

2. "I do a lot of weight-bearing exercises before, but only in the last few months I have been using a treadmill." (after the weight-bearing movement stops)

     Obviously, in this case, your body has not stopped, just shifting from weight-bearing practice to aerobic exercise. Of course, your heart and lung function will be improved, and your strength and muscle will fade. After stopping the weight-bearing exercise, your muscle latitude will decrease and the body will have a portion more fat than before. Of course, this change is sometimes undetectable because even the data on the scale will not change. It is a pity that for those who have long-term weight-bearing training, God does not give extra prizes. They will lose muscles as fast as those who never practice weight-bearing exercises , losing about 5% every 10 years .
     In the above situation, it is recommended that people who stop doing weight-bearing exercises at least usually do some stretching exercises to maintain the vitality and tension of the muscles, so as to maximize the retention of muscles and strength that gradually fade away without doing weight-bearing exercises. 3015.jpg 3. " I have been training crazy for a long time in preparation for this year's marathon. Now that the game is over, I have not practiced again . " (after aerobic exercise stops)

     People who have experienced this kind of experience must find that your lung capacity and leg strength will quickly fade away. Actually, as long as you stop practicing for a long time, especially for people who are physically better, although stopping training makes you very fast. You can't cope with marathon-level running, but you don't need to take a long time to get back to the previous state. Of course, you need to take your time. Your heart rate can't be kept at the peak. When you start running again, you can use the exercise consciousness test to detect your heart's ability and arrange the corresponding exercise load. Last but not least, even if you are a loyal runner, weight-bearing exercises and stretching exercises should not be completely ignored. 3016.jpg

4. " I recently fell in love with yoga. I haven't even done heavy weight exercises and aerobic exercises these few months . " (after weight bearing and aerobic exercise stop)
     Switching from one sport to another is not a bad thing. Of course, you should not expect that the subjects you can get A in the past will still be A after stopping , or bring the A score directly to your newly started subject. Unfortunately, the sport is very targeted.

     Once you stop a certain type of movement, then the corresponding index of this aspect will inevitably fall, and at the same time how you can handle a certain movement, you can not bring this advantage to other sports. For example, at the peak of the career, Armstrong had participated in a marathon. As a result, he only got a good but not a good result, even if many people think that his leg strength and vital capacity are much better than ordinary people.
     So if you can, please take a different type of exercise to help maintain your body's index. 3017.jpg

5. " I am hurt ! " " I like sports very much, but I have no way to exercise in the past six months . " (Long-term sports fans stop exercising)
     In this case, you will lose a lot of muscles and your body will have fat accumulation. Especially when you are injured, not only can you not exercise, but even your daily activities will be reduced, then you can imagine how your physical condition will decline. Once you have passed this untrainable cycle, when you return to the gym, you need to slowly recover your muscles and feelings very slowly.

     Please use the weight of the first half of your stop exercise to find a training that you can complete 10 to 15 times with no pain in the correct posture . On the other hand, remember to take more protein to help your body slow down muscle loss when you are unable to exercise for a long time.


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