Solar water heater price

Solar energy may not be very clear to us, but solar water heaters are one of the most common products in our lives. How about the price of solar water heaters ? Next, let's take a look at the price of solar water heaters .

Solar water heater price one

Sangao 100L wall-mounted solar water heater price: 4888 yuan

Linorite 80L wall-mounted solar water heater price: 5980 yuan

German Golden Sun four-season constant temperature wall-mounted solar water heater price: 12500 yuan

Haier wall-mounted solar water heater price: 3999 yuan

Solar water heater price two

Emperor Fleet 36 + 60L Sun Companion Price: 26183 yuan

Huangming Solar Golden Sword Water Heater 36 Price: 21,79 yuan

Huangming Solar Jinshuangteng Water Heater 26 Price: 19562 yuan

Huangming Solar Shuangteng Water Heater 12 Price: 8551 yuan

Solar water heater brand

1. Huayang Solar Water Heater

Huayang Solar Water Heater, established in 1991, is one of the largest solar water heater manufacturers in China. The continuous technological innovation and high-quality products and services in the past 20 years have won the trust and support of consumers.

2. Four Seasons Muge Solar Water Heater

Founded in 2000, Four Seasons Muge Solar Water Heater is the only company that cooperates with China's aerospace industry. Nine major technologies such as unique aerospace intelligence technology, dual thermal technology, etc. have launched epoch-making fully automatic solar energy. It is currently the most influential brand in China's solar energy industry.

3. Linorite solar water heater

Linorite Solar is one of the largest solar energy production enterprises in Asia. In 2008, Linorite took the lead in proposing the marketing path of "going to the countryside, entering the city, and going out to sea". While backed by the rural "cheese", it constantly sought new marketing paths. 4. Brilliant Solar Water Heater Brilliant Solar was founded in 1990 and was awarded the National Quality Service Credit AAA Demonstration Unit. In 2000, the Thai branch was established, becoming the first Chinese solar energy company to establish an overseas company. 5. Tianpu Solar Water Heater Tianpuzhao Solar Energy Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the most comprehensive leading enterprises in China's solar energy product line. The brand has obtained honorary qualifications such as "China Well-known Trademark, Beijing Famous Brand, Green Environmental Mark Certification, Golden Sun Mark Certification" and so on.

I will introduce the price of solar water heaters here. I hope to help you. More decoration information is available on this website, so stay tuned.

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