The sofa is so good to sell, it is a sense of happiness.

For the current consumer, what do you buy on the sofa? For the current company, what do you look at selling sofas? The relationship between the two is like the teacher's approach to using our essays. Because companies sell sofas need to consider selling points from the perspective of consumers.

Looking at the current Chinese companies, most of their cores are promoting the superiority of their products in terms of performance or quality, but lacking their characteristics, because the objective description of the products is simpler. However, we can also find some unique selling points from some successful Chinese companies to remove the product introduction. For example, the hammer mobile phone sells not the mobile phone is a feeling, Apple and Starbucks are not selling products is a sense of pride, what can furniture companies sell? ? This is what the left and right sofas have been pursuing.

The left and right sofas think that the sofa needs to bring happiness to the consumers, which coincides with the management of the enterprises with unique selling points. The left and right sofas are equal to selling sofas for free.

The market decides marketing strategy: the left and right sofas sell happiness

From the beginning of the birth to the present, we can see the changes, the product is advancing with the times and the reform of the marketing model. The only constant is happiness. Remember its slogan "Happiness is not far away, just in the about".

The sofa is so good to sell, it’s a happy feeling.

Left and right sofa original design exhibition hall - happy oil paper umbrella

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The case of the "happiness" marketing of the left and right sofas is innumerable, and the furniture fans will find some happiness trails from the exhibition halls of the left and right sofas. Just like the left and right sofas, the oil paper umbrella and the sofa are ingeniously blended. The left and right designers use the rhythm combination of several red oil paper umbrellas in the theme of “Happiness Power” to try to adopt modern expression techniques and fashion. The Chinese elements are designed to match the tonality of the left and right furniture products. It not only conforms to the aesthetic characteristics of modern people, but also exudes the space of traditional oriental culture. It conveys the warmth of happiness while expressing the oriental sentiment.

The warm red gives people a feeling of exuberance, which makes the entire exhibition hall have a very large flow of people, but always has a positive atmosphere of warmth, warmth and beauty.

Left and right sofas like originality, they like to send happiness, break the routine, it is so capricious. Don't think that the sofa is a rigid one, feel happy with the left and right!

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PVC raincoat is a waterproof outer jacket made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The slick, non-permeable surface of PVC makes it a popular material for raincoats.PVC raincoats are available in many different styles, colors, size and variations, and are a perennial fashion favorite.
PVC is manufactured from a petroleum base, but since 57% of PVC is chlorine, it actually requires much less petroleum than most other plastics. The process of polymerization of the vinylchloride monomer (VCM) is exothermic, and must be kept at a certain temperature while the VCM-water suspension forms a slurry. The slurry is then degassed, the excess VCM and water is removed, and what is left is powdered PVC. The powdered PVC is then mixed with a number of additives including stabilizers, plasticizers, processing aids, and pigments, then processed into a sheet.

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