Also drunk, take stock of those wonderful outdoor travel equipment

Traveling will always bring a variety of equipment, but also deal with a sudden situation that will occur during the trip. Recently, outdoor enthusiasts have summed up a "2014 outdoor travel top ten wonderful equipment." Let's take a look at what are there, and are there any suitable for you?

First, upright sleeper

The main use of the sleeper designed by New World of Mexico is to allow users to sleep comfortably without lying down. This product was also named "Best Innovation Award" by SkyMall magazine.

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Second, the suitcase motorcycle

The inventor of this product is He Liangcai from Hunan, China. This type of suitcase motorcycle works like a regular tricycle, with throttles, brakes and safety lights, and can reach speeds of 19.3 km/h. However, this product is not currently available in the market. In addition, this suitcase is also equipped with GPS and anti-theft system, which can drive 49.8-59.5 kilometers per refueling.

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Third, foldable leather boots

This is an all-round folding boot made mainly of nylon and leather. The insole is removable and washable and weighs only 340 grams. The price is about RMB 700. It can be easily loaded into the suitcase at any time.

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Fourth, personal flexible tourism belt

This design allows you to enjoy your own private rest in the cabin seat, you can quietly drink a cup of coffee or read a book, but also have a good night's sleep, not afraid of the surrounding interference. The “b-tourist” design is made of elastic fabric, which has excellent telescopic elasticity and will not be deformed after repeated use. It is suitable for all kinds of cabin seats.

The plastic ring on both sides of the tour allows you to adjust the size of the cloth, or you can link the elastic cloths on both sides, you can sleep on it, or you can adjust the height according to your needs. There is also a storage space for easy placement of personal items such as glasses, bills and mobile phones. The product was designed by two designers, Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka, and currently sells for about $400.

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Five, ostrich pillow

This headrest has a unique shape. There is a round hole underneath for the user to put the head into it. There is a hole on the front that exposes the mouth and nose so that the user can breathe freely. There are also two side holes at the top. If the user wants to squat on the table, he can put his hand in. In addition, it can block noise interference. The inventor of the ostrich pillow was Ali Ganjavian from Hampshire, England, with a market price of about RMB 630.

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Sixth, portable cleaner

The biggest feature of this type of bottle-like cleaner is that it is small and light, can generate a strong water flow, and can adjust the height and angle of the neck. It is a very good sanitary cleaning product. The current market price is about 60 RMB.

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Seven, mobile cup holder

This invention aims to prevent the drink in the cup from spilling out due to shaking. When we are running fast because of the flight, we only need to fix the shelf between the two handles of the suitcase, and then put the cup with the coffee in the rack to prevent the coffee from spilling out. The inventor of this cup holder was an emergency room nurse from the United States, Karen Porter. The current market price is about RMB 70.

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Eight, built-in fan jacket

This Kufukucho air-conditioning cooling jacket is designed and manufactured by Hiroshi Ichigaya of Japan. The jacket works by installing two mini fans in the pockets on the jacket, and the fan rotates to cool the air around the user. The two mini fans can be charged with USB or two AA batteries. This jacket with built-in fan is currently priced at approximately RMB 950.

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Nine, body bag

This backpack is similar to the Fanny bag. It is not tied around the waist, but the whole body is tied to the upper body. It looks like a mini shoulder messenger bag. This miniature carrying case is made of vinyl-coated waterproof nylon. The inventor is Amy, which currently sells for about RMB 270.

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Ten, full weight pet sleeping mat

The biggest use of this product is to be fixed on the rear seat of the four-door car, which is convenient for the pet to lie flat, to avoid the pet falling off the back seat during the sudden braking. The current market sales price is about RMB 780.

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