Hao Laike Woxiang board series wardrobe environmental protection moisture-proof fire

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Hexiang board wardrobe is a kind of wardrobe with outstanding performance. It is not only durable, healthy and environmentally friendly, but also has certain moisture-proof function. It is not too worried about the problem of mildew in the rainy season. Many of the good wardrobes are made of Woxiang board. It is also because these advantages are very beneficial to consumers. The real good brand is not to look at sales, but to see if their original intention is really for consumers. service.

The advantages of the good Lai Ke wardrobe and the fragrant board :

strong and sturdy

The durability, load-bearing and deformation resistance of Hexiang board meet the national particle board standard, no less than wooden artificial board. European E0 standard is the most environmentally friendly artificial board. The radiation is the natural background level; the formaldehyde emission is zero by the dryer method; it is superior to the Japanese F★★★★ grade standard and the European E0 standard.

Good moisture resistance

The surface of the straw fiber raw material used in the fragrant board has a large amount of natural waxy layer, which plays a moisture-proof and waterproof function similar to the paraffin additive in the moisture-proof board.

Good flame retardancy

Straw fiber is rich in silica and belongs to natural fireproof material. Its flammability can meet the requirements of GB8624-B2. The fireproof board series can be used directly in various public places without any fire treatment. In case of fire, it will only be carbonized and will not spread.

The basic situation of the good Lai Ke wardrobe and the fragrant board series :

Good Lai wardrobe design

Product Name : Hao Laike Woxiang Board Series

Product style : pastoral / European / simple modern

Product advantages : The agricultural herbaceous plants such as straw can be recycled as raw materials. At present, the aldehyde-free quality of Wanhua Hexiang board has been tested and certified by authoritative organizations in China, Japan, and the United States. The surface treatment process of the pressure-applied steel plate is nearly 100 million imported by Germany. It is the most advanced and popular art craft in Europe. The development concept is derived from the sawtooth imprint of the wood in the forest. . Due to the custom-made custom-made Lai Ke from Germany, the surface of the sheet has the same “HOLIKE” anti-counterfeiting mark.

This dark product is the Berlin style of the open door style. It is preferred to import food grade coatings from Germany, which are creatively designed and manufactured. The original state plate natural zero formaldehyde, the original sawing wood texture, can add home products naturally, the original breath.

Hao Laike Nordic Sun Series Wardrobe renderings

Hao Laike Woxiang board wardrobe

(Appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

Product Name : Hao Laike Woxiang Board Series

Product style : simple and modern

Hao Laike "Nordic Sunshine" sliding door wardrobe, stylish appearance, warm colors, forest color close to nature, feel comfortable. The board is environmentally friendly and the surface is wear resistant. The powerful storage is a rare product for everyone who wants to be calm. Hao Laike's wardrobe sheet is made of fragrant board, and the finish is made of imported PP film from Germany. It is naturally fresh and white, elegant and fashionable, suitable for simple light-colored decoration family.

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