How to clean the Vantage range hood

Smoke exhauster is a household kitchen appliance that sucks the oil and smoke generated during cooking. Not only can it complete the functional function well, but also have a decoration concept that integrates the modern kitchen pattern. The range hood needs to be cleaned regularly. The simple cleaning can't deal with the oil pollution. The cleaning range hood must be cleaned with a professional Fujia oil pollution net. How about Vantage Range Hood? Is it good? Follow the editor.

How about Vantage Range Hood?

Vantage range hood At present, the range hood developed by Vantage has three types: side suction, European style, and top suction. The product design is very user-friendly in terms of appearance and performance. The original four-layer air inlet can suck in smoke more efficiently. The double closed oil circuit design ensures that there will be no oil dripping, and there is a newly developed automatic cleaning function, which is convenient and practical for users without manual cleaning. Installed a network-controlled network hood, etc. The range hood needs to be cleaned regularly. The simple cleaning can't deal with the oil pollution. The range hood must be cleaned with professional cleaning agent.

Vantage range hoods will conduct strict quality management during the production process to ensure that the product quality can reach the standard, and it is also very good in user experience. At any time, the user's evaluation after use is collected and improved to provide customers with better products and service. After the development of the range hood, the range hood is no longer limited to a simple tool for removing the range hood in the kitchen, but more entertainment functions and usage functions are added, such as the entertainment range hood with a TV display added, and the integration with the smart home Hood of the security system. The effect of sucking fume is good and the noise is small. Beautiful appearance and harmonious color. Safe and easy to clean. Basic conditions such as stable work and long life.

The after-sales service of Vantage range hoods is also very good. After-sales service points have been established in major cities across the country. There is no need to worry about the failure to find someone to repair, and it can be repaired for free within three years of the warranty period.

In general, Vantage range hoods have a special automatic washing function and three anti-motors; the classic design of GE-FITCH international masters; the shape design of the suspension cable of the Golden Gate Bridge; the hollow wind wheel; the stylish sensor switch. The new tact switch eliminates the trouble of scrubbing around the traditional protruding switch; the new 2W shadowless lamp, a clear and bright cold light source, and the service life of the lamp can reach 12 years. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the first cleaning net, the separation of oil smoke is more thorough.

How to clean the Vantage range hood

1. Install clean water in the cupboard of the cooker hood, install it on the cooker hood, and press the cleaning button. The purpose of this is to first preheat the cooker hood with steam and remove oily dirt while killing bacteria.

2. According to the dirty degree of the range hood and the frequency of daily cleaning, choose an appropriate time, use the water pump to pump the water to the range hood, wash it with strong impact, and finally achieve deep cleaning.

3. It takes thirty seconds to mix the neutral cleaning liquid and clean tap water (or warm water) into the cleaning liquid and pour it into the range hood kettle.

4. Keep the range hood in a weak suction state, as long as you gently press the cleaning button of the range hood, it only takes 20 seconds to complete an automatic cleaning of the range hood.

5.The cleaning liquid used within 30 seconds will be drained into the oil cup of the cooker hood through the oil guide.This completes one cleaning.Of course, you can also repeat the process of cleaning the cooker hood two more times. In three minutes you can make the range hood clean.

6.After the range hood pump stops pumping, the main motor rotates at high speed, the impeller rotates at the same time, and the water in the impeller and the wind cabinet is air-dried.The entire process is equivalent to the dehydration process of the washing machine. , Effectively avoid the breeding of bacteria and prolong the service life of the range hood motor.

The introduction of the Vantage range hood's automatic cleaning function saves everyone a lot of trouble and saves a certain amount of time and energy. It can be said that it is a great boon for kitchen workers. However, there are some different opinions about the use effect of the automatic cleaning function of Vantage range hood. Everyone should also consider carefully when choosing.

Vantage range hood teaches you to buy:

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a range hood, such as safety, noise, air volume, main motor power, appearance, space occupation, ease of operation, selling price and after-sales service. Generally speaking, the range hood with 3C certification is more reliable and the quality is guaranteed.

Appearance: The appearance of the range hood includes thin, flat back and vertical products. In terms of shape, the thin type is more beautiful than the thick type, and it is also convenient to install. The motor of the flat-back range hood is built-in, which looks good, and it is easy to clean the surface. The vertical range hood is luxurious and has large displacement.

Noise: The national standard stipulates that the noise of the range hood should not exceed 65-68dB.

Air volume and fan power: Under the premise of achieving the same pumping rate, the smaller the fan power and air volume, the better. This will save energy and electricity, and achieve a better mute effect.

Function: Now in the development of domestic cooker hoods, many products have added some functions, such as lighting, gas alarm, automatic switch and other devices. Treat these functions in two. Although the increased functions make the range hood more versatile, it increases the sales price and the failure rate, and some are not even applicable. For example, the automatic switching device is actually composed of a highly sensitive gas-sensitive switch, and it will fail when it comes into contact with the fume more times. In addition, when the concentration of the fume reaches a certain level, it will automatically start the range hood. Before that, part of the fume has been distributed, which is harmful to the body, and the purpose of installing and using the range hood is not achieved. Therefore, when buying a range hood, you must choose products with suitable functions.

The business of Vantage range hood said: Vantage is mainly engaged in the production and sale of gas appliances, kitchen appliances, household appliances and the company's own assets investment, import and export business. Products have formed more than 500 varieties of gas stoves, water heaters (electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters and air source water heaters), range hoods, disinfection cabinets, cabinets, integrated ceilings and other series products, gas stoves for 16 consecutive years China's production and sales volume has become the first brand of China's stoves, and gas water heaters and cooker hoods have entered the national top three in the industry.

Warm reminder: There are three types of range hoods on the market: thin, deep and cabinet. When purchasing, you should first determine the type you want to buy based on your kitchen ’s specific layout and personal preferences. Relevant information about Vantage range hood is here for everyone, I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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