How to draw inside the double eye makeup will be fully electric

For girls with internal doubles, the modification of the eye is very important, because the inner double gives a feeling of being dull and empty. Today, Xiaobian will share with you how to paint your eyes to make your eyes full of power.

The first step: In order to make your eyes more radiant, use the eye shadow brush to pick up the beige eyeshadow and smear the entire eye socket, so that your eyes will light up instantly.

Step 2: Choose a long mascara brush head to thicken the eyelashes from the roots, and make the lashes clear, so that the eyes will be more radiant.

Step 3: Choose a slightly thick false eyelash to create a visual eyeliner. Select the eyelashes to pay attention to the spacing. If it is just a thick row, the makeup will look rough.

Step 4: Use a cotton swab to gently fix the root of the false eyelashes to make the eyelashes better support the double eyelids. This step is very important, and can help solve the problem of thick and pressed eyelids.

Step 5: The part of the lower eyelashes should also be carefully depicted. Continue to use the mascara to apply the exquisiteness, so that the whole eyes are radial, and the eyes are instantly flying.

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