"Singing Mountain Songs" PPT-People's Education Edition Primary School Music Four Courseware

People's Education Edition elementary school music "Singing Mountain Songs" PPT1 four times to understand and understand the Zhuang people's cultural customs. 2 Learn to sing "Sing Mountain Song". 3. To understand and understand the cultural customs of the Dong nationality. 4 By enjoying the song "Little Goat", you can initially feel the singing effect of harmony. The area where the Zhuang people live is known as "Song of the Sea", and the Zhuang people especially like to sing folk songs. The Zhuang folk song is abbreviated as "Zhuang song", also known as "Zhuang folk song", which generally refers to folk songs sung by the Zhuang people in Zhuang dialect, which can be traced back to the cries of the Zhuang ethnic primitive society when hunting. Although the shout cannot be regarded as a song, it is the seed for the birth of Zhuang folk songs. The true Zhuang song should start from the productive labor and sacrificial activities in the primitive society of the Zhuang nationality.

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