Shouldn't mahogany furniture use "glue"?

榫卯Glue phenomenon is generally purely glued in violation of the rules ---

Answer key issues in mahogany consumption

In the mahogany furniture known as the "榫卯 structure", is there any, and should there be "glue"? Recently, Mr. Huang found that there was a gel at the junction of his own circle chair, so he couldn't help but ask the column of the "Guangxia Times" Redwood Hall: "Why does the glue appear in the mahogany furniture? Will the mahogany furniture with glue be used? Depreciation?” The pedestrians in the mahogany revealed that adding glue is actually a “hidden rule”, which is used to “patch” the not-so-perfect structure, making mahogany furniture stronger.

A small amount of "glue" in mahogany furniture acts as a reinforcement

When Mr. Huang was doing maintenance for the home circle chair, he found that some of the structure joints had solids similar to the dried "glue". After some inquiries, the answer given by the purchased brand guide is that there is a small amount of “glue” at the joint of the furniture and structure, which is used to reinforce the furniture.

Are the mahogany furniture in the market inseparable from the "glue"? With questions, the author came to a mainstream mahogany furniture store for field visits. During the visit, the shopping guides of the mahogany furniture brands such as Youlian, Yuan Henry, Xuanming Dianju, and Zitangjiayuan all indicated that some of their products were reinforced with “glue” at the joint of the 榫卯 structure. In this regard, Fu Junmin, general manager of Xuanming's residence mahogany furniture, bluntly said that almost 99% of the products in the mahogany furniture market currently use “glue”. "Glue" plays a role in mahogany furniture: one is to reinforce the sturdy structure that is not 100% rigorous; the other is to make hardwood furniture made of natural wood undergo thermal expansion and contraction. After that, it can also ensure the degree of stability, and it is not easy to deform and crack.

Then, has consumers been listening to the new “redwood furniture reinforced by rubber”, has it become a common phenomenon in the industry? Yang Bo, chairman of Yuan Henry Hardwood Furniture, and Union of Friendship agreed to Pan Haiying, the general manager of Jiahong Furniture. Among them, Yuan Henry Yang Bo said that in order to make the structure of the furniture more stable and longer, the ancient mahogany furniture will also be reinforced with some kind of adhesive, but at that time, the use of fish skin 用 is natural. The “glue” made of the substance is more environmentally friendly.

A small amount of natural "glue" will not reduce the environmental protection factor of mahogany furniture

Consumers buy more insurance in regular stores

Will the presence of “glue” at the structure of the concrete reduce the “environmental protection factor” of mahogany furniture? In this regard, the director of the Beijing Wood Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, Luo Wei, said that because the production process does not require pressure, most of the high-viscosity adhesives such as "urea-formaldehyde glue" do not appear in mahogany furniture. If the natural rubber is used to reinforce the enamel structure, it is completely harmless to the human body. If the chemical glue is small, it will volatilize in a short time and will not cause harm to the human body.

However, the testing standards for mahogany furniture mainly refer to the standard of hardwood furniture. When the inspection is carried out, the tree species and quality are the focus of testing, and the “environmental protection index” will not be tested. Therefore, consumers should be careful when buying, try to choose a regular store.

No “glue” mahogany furniture production takes time and effort to customize

Is there any glue-free mahogany furniture? Long Shuncheng Chinese (Chinese-style decoration renderings) furniture consultants, intangible cultural heritage inheritance people Guiyou told the author, mahogany furniture is actually divided into two kinds of glue (non-removable) and no glue (removable). "Glue" furniture usually has a lack of perfect production technology. "Glue" is used to make up for loose joints caused by imperfect structure. No "glue" furniture has extremely high requirements for structural design and manual craftsmanship. And the price is higher. Yuan Henry Yang Bo also said that "no glue" mahogany furniture needs to be customized, and its price is 10%-20% higher than "glued" furniture.

Xuan Mingdian pays the military and civilians to give hints, whether the consumer has glue or no glue, the merchant can carry out on-site disassembly or make it in the contract when buying.

In addition, consumers need to find out that “hardened with glue” and “connected with glue” are essentially different. At present, some manufacturers directly glue the components of mahogany furniture with glue. This purely "gluing" approach is against the industry rules.

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