RFID smart paper money counterfeit money has never been lost

According to Korea Electronics News, a technology called smart paper is about to make meaningless counterfeit money. It is understood that this technology can even prevent various money laundering activities. The BBC broadcast a news report on the 2nd, which reported that American scholars have invented a "smart paper currency" that can prevent the manufacture of counterfeit currency and easily track the flow of currency.

The research team of North Dakota State University used the "LEAP (LaserEnabled Advanced Packaging)" method to implant RFID tags into paper, and successfully developed a smart paper. LEAP refers to a method of etching paper with a laser. In this way, the paper is implanted into the antenna. Therefore, LEAP has also become a "laser etching" technology. Paper using new technologies is as thin and light as ordinary paper.

Although smart papers equipped with RFID tags have been developed, but because the chips are heavy, the practicability is not high. The Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank, which have long been troubled by counterfeit currency, tried to use RFID paper to make banknotes ten years ago, but ultimately failed due to thickness problems.

Professor Joseph Marinov said that "the new process not only makes the paper lighter and thinner, but also effectively speeds up the processing time. The speed is now twice as fast as before." He also said "This is the latest attempt of RFID paper." .

The research team said that in addition to currency, only paper can have more uses. Corporate secret documents, bus tickets, concert tickets and other papers that can be easily forged can be used. Now, the research team is looking for a suitable business partner.

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