Home full house customization to South Red Star

Original title: Home full house customization to South Red Star

Modern people, the way home is representative of a life attitude. In recent years, the rise of the whole house custom home has been increasingly recognized by consumers. Customized home can not only make reasonable use of the various spaces in the home, but also match the whole home environment. It can also be customized according to the owner's personality, fully reflecting the owner's taste, and the trend is unstoppable.

As the wind vane of Chongqing home building materials market, Red Star Macalline has always led the trend of Chongqing home improvement. Chongqing's largest full-house custom center came into being, and debuted in Nanping Red Star Meikailong in early April. For three consecutive weekends (May 18th to June 2nd), “2013·Full House Customization and European and American Style Season” will be kicked off, bringing new high-end home customization experience to the mountain city people while enjoying Go to the offer.

Custom fashion luxury

Best overall home improvement solution

The so-called whole house customization refers to the design, material selection and specifications, color, function, environmental protection and supporting upgrade. Every home product must be customized separately. Each space has a variety of style themes to achieve individual needs. It is the perfect unity of home style. The whole house is customized with logs and solid wood as the main material, and the exclusive custom production is carried out according to the owner's needs, achieving the unified effect of the overall style. Mainly including wooden doors, wainscoting, integral wardrobes, overall cloakrooms, whole wine cabinets, whole wine cellars, whole cabinets, overall study rooms, solid wood ceilings and other luxury pure wood home improvement solutions.

During the event, the customer went to the Nanping Hongxing Meikailong to the first floor of the whole house custom center, and you can enjoy the world's first-line custom brand for the well-known high-end real estates in the main city of Chongqing. With the decoration drawings, you can also enjoy the real-life renderings designed by high-end designers for free, so that your loved one can become a high-end luxury model room in the city.

If you specify a home improvement company or a designated real estate owner, you can also enjoy an additional 500 yuan cash coupon from the mall for the whole store custom center or the European and American pavilion. At the same time, during the event, you will enter the “Xing Yi Jia” activity area of ​​Chongqing Red Star Meikailong official e-commerce website, and you can get a cash voucher worth 500 yuan if you participate in the online event registration.

20 big first-line brands united with profit

Mall subsidy 5%

According to reports, Nanping Hongxing Meikailong Building Materials Museum, the first floor of the whole house custom center is the largest operating area in Chongqing, the most operating brand, the most complete range of shopping malls, including East Willi, high-end, Fuyou, Longsheng, Meitong, the United States Step, Benmu, Sanheshun, Simpson and many other domestic first-line custom brands. 20 "full house custom" brands, 30 European and American furniture products, can fully meet your full house customization needs.

In the minds of people, these high-end furniture may always give people the impression of “high on the top”, but after the mall integration, merchant discounts, and shopping mall subsidies, you can enjoy the real discount while customizing luxury, the perfect home dream can be touched. and. During the event, the top 20 mainstream brands in the venue will jointly produce ultra-low specials to give you unexpected surprises. Luxury furniture that you might not even think about before, you can easily go home after a series of discounts.

During the event, customers participate in the brand's consumption in the whole house custom center, Europe and the United States Pavilion, and the mall subsidizes 5% on the basis of the lowest price of the merchant; at the same time, if you spend 100,000 yuan, the mall also sends Panasonic 1.5P air conditioner.

Chongqing Evening News reporter Zou Yanyan

Famous collection

East Willie

Mee step stairs Mason Simpson

Give you a castle home

East Willy is a 100-year-old solid wood home improvement brand that originated from a small sawmill in a Canadian town. It entered China in 1953 and subsequently established a large production base in Guangdong. Through the continuous study of the interior decoration styles of different countries in different countries, the pursuit of interpreting the natural beauty of the logs, the artistic beauty of the products made by the skillful craftsmanship, has formed its unique carpenter feat. East Willy's classic solid wood products such as wooden doors, furniture, stairs and high-end design, dedicated to the world's high-end people enjoy the castle life.

Meitu stairs

Precious log life

MOBO Meibu, an international furniture company that is equipped with wood furniture for the global elite, integrates the steps of the stairs, the golden kiln original wood door, and the system window. It has the only comprehensive industrial chain in Asia. As the leading brand of China's stair industry for ten years, Meibu Stairs is the first in the industry in terms of sales volume and overall corporate strength. All products of Meibu are made of natural and precious logs, and the environmental protection standards are extremely strict, creating a natural and precious log life for consumers.


Natural wood precision production

Guangdong Maosen Wood Industry Co., Ltd. mainly produces two series of original wooden doors and solid wood craft doors. The original wooden doors are made of high quality Sapele, African teak, red walnut, Brazilian rosewood and other imported rare wood species. Made through scientific and rational design. The core material filling material of the solid wood craft door adopts high-quality and high-environmental laminated material, and the inner core board surface adopts the high-grade sheet hot-pressing surface, which is treated by leveling and anti-corrosion technology to prevent cracking and deformation caused by the heterogeneous change of wood due to environmental differences.


Deducting a hundred years of legend

Simpson furniture covers wood carved doors, solid wood custom furniture, solid wood stairs, solid wood cabinets, handmade flooring, panel furniture, pure wood windows and security screens. Its products use Burmese red pears, southern United States red oak, Russian white wax and other high-end luxury wood; can be customized siding, cloakroom, wardrobe, desk, wine cellar, wine cabinet, bed, shoe cabinet, etc. All log furniture. Luxury, boasting, full of royal luxury, the world-renowned Simpson brand has experienced the accumulation of time and history, and has made a century of classic legend.

High-end door industry

Gathering human history

Nobility and birth, can not be copied, a collection of human history, the traditional production process and contemporary advanced technology. The high-end solid wood door series, honored by Hong Kong High-end Door Industry Group Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer dedicated to creating luxurious high-end wooden doors. Its products are derived from the glory and legend of the 16th century Spanish court decoration art, recreating the loyalty and luxury of the European court royal family, and it is called the grand world chapter of modern home art. Its products are selected from high quality natural native wood in Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia, and are hand-carved.

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