Motion connection system of temperature and humidity vibration test box

The temperature and humidity vibration test chamber combines temperature, humidity and vibration functions, and is suitable for aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electricians, electronic products, various electronic components and various performance indicators to test their performance indicators in a comprehensive harsh environment . The temperature and humidity vibration test box is mainly composed of the following parts: test box body, motion connection system, control system, refrigeration / dehumidification system, heating / humidification system, air duct system, etc. Let us talk about the motion connection system. The whole test box is fixed on a lifting platform that can move horizontally and move up and down, which is convenient for connecting the test box and the shaking table for comprehensive temperature, humidity and vibration tests. The maximum horizontal displacement of the lifting platform is 2500㎜, the maximum distance between the top and bottom of the lifting platform is 1200㎜, the maximum lifting weight of the lifting platform is 2T, and the weight of the equipment is ≤1T. The bottom of the box of the test box is reserved with a movable interface for connection to the vibration table. The size of the interface is ф200㎜ (for vertical vibration), 1000 × 1000㎜ (for horizontal vibration), and the interface between the test box and the vibration table is left. There is enough space for the vibration table to generate displacement during vertical and horizontal vibration, and a pressure relief port is reserved at the top of the test box to buffer the vibration generated by the vibration box and the pressure generated in the test box increases. The interface connection between the test box and the vibration table is made of high and low temperature resistant organic composite materials into a round (square) corrugated tube.

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