Clothes are stored without worry, perfect large-capacity wardrobe recommended

How do we choose a large-capacity wardrobe?

The first thing to look at is the style. The wardrobe can be divided into three categories: sliding wardrobe, sliding door wardrobe and open wardrobe. Large-capacity wardrobes are generally dominated by double doors, and sliding, swinging, or open styles are available for purchase according to the size of the space area.

In fact, it depends on the structure of the wardrobe. The wardrobe is composed of three parts: cabinet body, door panel (sliding door or opening door), hardware. The thickness of the general wardrobe cabinet is 18mm; the wooden sliding door panel is about 9mm, and the thickness of the glass sliding door is 5mm, and the swing door is generally made of 16mm or 18mm material; the hardware is matching for the wardrobe manufacturer. However, whether a good horse is equipped with a good saddle can provide a convenient and comfortable storage method, and the quality of the hardware cannot be ignored.

Finally, it depends on whether the wardrobe uses green materials. The man-made plates used for making wardrobes on the market are mainly made of man-made plates. The man-made plates have various fancy and affordable prices. However, in the production process, an adhesive with formaldehyde is used, so it is inevitable that the finished wardrobe contains formaldehyde. If the formaldehyde content of the cabinet door or cabinet material of the wardrobe is too high, it will definitely cause adverse effects on the user's health. The editor has collected several large-capacity and environmentally friendly wardrobes and recommend them to everyone.

Recommended product one: Falisa four-door wardrobe

There is always one piece of clothing in the closet, which is the woman's biggest voice. So he kept adding clothes, and in the process, he was troubled because the wardrobe was too small and there was not enough space. At this time, a large-capacity wardrobe became a woman's dream.

Material: Oak

Size: 1890 * 620 * 2380mm

Reference price: 4999 yuan

Product Source: Tmall Mall

The Farissa wardrobe extracts the essence of Parisian fashion art and blends oriental Zen charm with modern elements. The overall color is bright, embellished with pearl white, fresh and soft. The exquisite and classical carved design is round and full of three-dimensional sense, which makes the wardrobe full of noble and extraordinary temperament. With the smooth lines of the atmosphere, the luxurious texture is revealed in the simplicity.

This four-door wardrobe has a size of 1890 * 620 * 2380mm, standing at the corner of the wall to show the atmosphere. Two hanging areas, five lattice storage areas, and three large drawers allow clothes to be put in place, neatly arranged, and have their own exclusive nest. It not only satisfies a couple's storage needs of various clothes, bags, bedding, etc. Also realize the functional area division.

The wardrobe is mainly made of oak. The oak has a fine texture, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, and is solid and stable. However, there is no shortage of rubber wood as oak in the market, and you should carefully identify when buying. The PU foam board on the surface plays the role of heat insulation and wear resistance, ensuring the service life of the wardrobe. The exquisite iron handle is small but sturdy, with pearl white cabinet, it is more elegant and noble.

Editor's comment: The Farisa wardrobe is generous in shape, classical and exquisitely carved, and elegant in color and attractive. And the design is also carefully carved, the corners of the top edge of the cabinet are smooth and delicate. Exquisite carved, three-dimensional smooth. And the material selection is also very particular. The solid oak material guarantees the service life of the product.

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Origin International Edinburgh series bedroom five-piece solid wood furniture US imported red oak furniture

Mall price: 12800 yuan / set

Market price: 21000 yuan / set

Has been sold: 254 sets

Product Evaluation: ★★★★★

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Recommended product 2: Yashe five-door wardrobe

In the era of fashion trends, people are pursuing fashionable dress and quality life, and of course they are not far behind in the pursuit of furniture. For example, Yashe's five-door wardrobe. Not only does the design keep up with the trend, but also the fashion, it also ensures that the space is clean and tidy, and pay attention to the storage function of the wardrobe.

Material: Rubber wood

Size: 2100 * 630 * 2100mm

Reference price: 4560 yuan

Product source: Taobao

The design of Yashe's wardrobe eliminates too fancy elements. The smooth cabinet doors and integrated colors inherit the new Chinese design style. Using simple and smooth lines, the whole is both simple and natural, and full of fashion sense. If your home is a new Chinese style, I believe this wardrobe can be well integrated into the entire design, very harmonious, and will not appear abrupt at all.

The classic five-door wardrobe, with a size of 2100 * 630 * 2100mm, although the storage space is large but not exaggerated, suitable for ordinary family housing area. The symmetrical design on both sides of the inside of the wardrobe not only facilitates the storage and classification of clothes, but also enhances the overall beauty.

The wardrobe is made of imported rubber wood board. Although the rubber wood is not as strong and durable as oak material, but after high temperature cooking and sterilization, the moisture content has been controlled at about 12% to ensure that the cabinet is firm and strong and not easy to deform. E1 high-density board is used on the side to prevent moisture and corrosion. The exterior is painted with varnish. After 6 processes, it feels delicate and does not affect the texture of the wood grain. It will not be too difficult to maintain in the future.

Editor's comment: Although the appearance of the five-door wardrobe of Yashe is traditional and simple, it still has the fashionable elements. The atmosphere is calm and simple and natural. And the internal storage space is very real, to meet the storage needs of ordinary families, even in volatile weather conditions.

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Jumeiyinshang Rubber Wood Jianou 01 Series Solid Wood Wardrobe / Five Door Wardrobe

Mall price: 3840 yuan / piece

Market price: 5760 yuan / piece

Has been sold: 234

Product Evaluation: ★★★★★

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Recommended product three: Weikemeijia five-door wardrobe

The wardrobe is an important part of the bedroom. People pay more and more attention to the integration of the design style of the wardrobe with the entire bedroom, and affect the storage of the space. A good amount wardrobe can combine both to make your bedroom more comfortable and refreshing.

Material: Birch

Size: 2200 * 600 * 2150mm

Reference price: 4888 yuan

Product Source: Tmall Mall

The five-door wardrobe of Victory House is characterized by simplicity and lightness. Light brown is the main feature, and simplicity is monotonous. The bright luster enhances the noble texture of the wardrobe. The cabinet as a whole does not have any additional decoration, the simple style reflects the attitude of modern people to life, and refuses to be cumbersome.

The height of 2.2 meters, placed in the bedroom gives a very high visual sense, but also highlights the space. Let small spaces also have a grand style. This wardrobe is composed of two double-door wardrobes and one single-door wardrobe. The single door is divided into 4 small areas, and the partition is very reasonable and meticulous, which is helpful for storage needs.

The wardrobe is made of pure solid wood birch board with clear birch texture, uniform texture and no cracking or deformation. The color of the wardrobe surface is soft and the texture is clear and realistic. The back panel of the wardrobe is connected with eccentric connectors, which is more secretive and firm than the traditional nailing method, and the same color cap is added to make the nails leave no traces and beautiful.

Editor's comment: Victory's five-door wardrobe uses healthy and environmentally friendly plates, top-quality hardware, and a simple design concept throughout. It has a stylish appearance and a powerful storage function, reflecting the extraordinary taste of the owner.

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[Bodhi Island] Cypress House Series Pure Fragrant Cypress Simple European Style FS8002 Four Door Wardrobe

Mall price: 8316 yuan / piece

Market price: 13860 yuan / piece

Has been sold: 145

Product Evaluation: ★★★★★

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