Experts and scholars talk about nanotechnology and intelligent oil recovery

From December 25th to 26th, the 67th Academic Salon of New Ideas and New Doctrines, hosted by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology and undertaken by the Chinese Chemical Society and hosted by the State Key Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery, was held in Beijing. Vice Minister Liu Xingping of the Academic Department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the salon. The theme of this edition of the salon is "Nanotechnology-A New Way for Intelligent Oil Recovery". It is chaired by the Chinese Society of Chemistry, deputy director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yao Jiannian, General Manager of China Petroleum Technology Management Department, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Yuan Shiyi and China Song Xinmin, deputy dean of the Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, jointly served as a leading scientist, and invited more than 40 experts and scholars in the fields of nanochemistry and oil extraction to discuss the application of nanotechnology to intelligence from multiple perspectives based on the research background of their respective professional fields. The feasibility of oil production.

In recent years, more and more researchers at home and abroad have begun to apply nanomaterials to the petroleum industry. The salon in this issue mainly talked and exchanged on the mechanism of nano-flooding and the future development trend. Using nanotechnology as a bridge to intelligent chemical flooding, using nano-level particulate material as a carrier, it will integrate multiple functional groups that cannot be carried on a single molecular chain on the nano-scale particulate form, and at the same time play a role, it will be possible Realize the purpose of intelligent chemical flooding, so that the oil displacement agent can reach any corner of the reservoir, can intelligently find and capture crude oil in the reservoir, and intelligently improve the efficiency of oil washing, and displace the trapped crude oil as much as possible. Experts attending the meeting centered on this idea and constantly put forward new ideas and new viewpoints from different angles. Wisdom collides with each other and academic thoughts are active.

Experts at the meeting believed that this salon will have an important impact on the breakthrough and development of intelligent oil recovery, and will play an important role in promoting the application of nanotechnology in oil displacement. Exchange and make new contributions to the national oil strategy.

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