Development significance and trend of ultraviolet aging test chamber

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China has placed priority on the independent development of ultraviolet aging test chamber equipment that leads and supports the development of science and technology. The ultraviolet aging test chamber is a typical technology-intensive strategic industry, and the core technology of major scientific instruments and equipment related to major scientific frontiers, national defense and other sensitive fields cannot be bought, which also determines that the scientific instrument equipment industry is a national strategy Sex industry. Deploying scientific instrument independent innovation in a prominent position and deploying it forward is of great significance to enhancing a country ’s scientific and technological strength and leading economic development.

On the other hand, the environmental protection industry has become an important part of the "12th Five-Year Plan" strategic emerging industry. In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, China will focus on the development and promotion of high-efficiency energy-saving technical equipment and products, and actively develop new-generation nuclear energy technology and advanced reactors to develop the nuclear energy industry. In the new-generation information technology industry, the research and development and industrialization of the new-generation mobile communications, the next-generation Internet core equipment and intelligent terminals, the integration of the three networks, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing will all become "keywords."

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