Refrigeration / dehumidification system and working principle of thermal shock tester

<p> Refrigeration / Dehumidification System and Working Principle of Hot and Cold Shock Tester 1. Refrigeration system and compressor: In order to ensure the requirements of the cooling rate and minimum temperature of the test chamber, the refrigeration system of this test chamber uses a cascade refrigeration system composed of two French Taikang semi-closed compressors. High reliability, convenient use and maintenance, etc .;

2. Refrigeration working principle: The refrigeration cycle adopts the reverse Karo cycle. The cycle is composed of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes. The process is as follows: the refrigerant is adiabatically compressed by the compressor to a higher pressure, which consumes power to exhaust After the temperature rises, the refrigerant exchanges heat isothermally with the surrounding medium through the condenser to transfer the heat to the surrounding medium. After the refrigerant passes through the shut-off valve for adiabatic expansion to do work, the refrigerant temperature decreases. Finally, the refrigerant absorbs heat isothermally from the object with a higher temperature through the evaporator, thereby lowering the temperature of the object to be cooled. This cycle is repeated to achieve the purpose of cooling;

3. The design of refrigeration system uses energy regulation technology, an effective processing method can not only ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit but also effectively adjust the energy consumption and cooling capacity of the refrigeration system, so that the operating cost of the refrigeration system Dropped to a more economical state;

4. High-quality oxygen-free copper tube, nitrogen-filled welding;

5. There is a condensate water receiving tray and it is excluded from the box;

6. Vibration reduction: use compressor spring to reduce vibration;

7. Noise reduction: Adopt special sound absorption sponge to absorb sound;

8. Refrigerant: adopt environmental protection working medium R404A, R23;

9. Refrigeration auxiliary parts: The main refrigeration accessories and control devices are all well-known international brands, such as American SPORLAN thermal expansion valve, Italian CASTEI solenoid valve, globe valve, filter; American RANCO pressure controller.

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