Common problems and solutions of PUR binding

1. Which manufacturers currently provide PUR equipment?
A: Mainstream manufacturers of glue binding linkage lines, such as Korbus, Martini, Warrenberg, Fangye, Jingda, etc., have relevant equipment to the market. In addition, they can also pass Nordson, Robust and other specialties Manufacturers of PUR auxiliary equipment modify the original equipment.

2. What brands of PUR adhesives are available for purchase?
Answer: At present, PUR adhesives on the market include related products from Henkel, National, Wuxi Wanli and other manufacturers.

3. PUR adhesive keeps high temperature for a long time in the barrel glue machine, throat and glue gun, but cannot be discharged, resulting in curing reaction of PUR adhesive without being coated on the back of the book. How to solve it?
Answer: The evaluation of heating time should be shortened and reheated when needed. If you do not use the spray-type PUR system for a long time, you should also regularly test spray every week to avoid clogging the throat and spray gun.

4. How to solve the problem that PUR adhesive is continuously agitated in the pump, causing the viscosity to increase and yellowing?
Answer: The program can be set. When the pump is not started for 10 minutes, it will automatically switch to the heat preservation state.

5. Why does the glue drop sometimes occur during production?
A: The main influencing factor is temperature. Only the temperature of the adhesive should be kept at 120 ~ 130 ℃, which is the most ideal state. When the temperature of the glue exceeds 130 ° C, the viscosity of the glue will start to drop sharply, and when it reaches 150 ° C, the glue will become very thin, and like a water drop, the glue will drop.

6. If the book is thick, the back of the book will slowly fall off on the conveyor belt, what is the reason?
A: Ordinary edge glue will make the edge of the cover of the book become round. To ensure that the square back is fixed and can lock the edge of the cover firmly, you can use strong edge glue, such as Henkel PSASide (Sanicare6540). [next]

7. What is the reason for the uneven thickness of the glue, and sometimes the glue is not sprayed on the back of the book? How to solve?
Answer: The reason is that the running script is not level, which leads to the adhesive being distributed on one side and thin on the side. The equipment needs to be adjusted carefully. In addition, it may be caused by the excessively deep brushing. When the depth of the brushing exceeds 0.5mm, the glue will be arranged one by one and uneven in thickness.

8. Using the roller coating PUR system, I found it very troublesome to clean after production, how to solve it?
Answer: It can be replaced with a Teflon-coated glue pot, because Interflon can effectively isolate the glue so that it will not stick to the surface of the glue pot, and the whole piece of glue can be taken out without cleaning after production.

9. What should I pay attention to the thickness of the glue?
A: The thickness of the glued back of the ordinary rubbing glue binding book is 0.2 ~ 0.6mm, but the thickness of the glue of the lock wire binding book cannot exceed 1mm. If the glue layer is too thick, it will cause the PUR to release when it reacts with water molecules in the air Excessive gas gathers, making the surface of the back of the book swell.

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