Four considerations for purchasing electronic whiteboards and seven quality requirements

Electronic whiteboard, true multimedia teaching, in addition to the traditional blackboard function, the greater significance lies in its display and annotation functions. At present, the teaching resources of most schools in China are very scarce, and some basic application equipment is relatively scarce. Although the powerful resources of the Internet can help teaching increase technical knowledge in various fields, the school's computer room does not have so many computers to ensure that students have one. We can only rely on the huge display screen for collective education. The super display function of the electronic whiteboard has once again played an important role. According to the size of the venue, the electronic whiteboard has many different sizes. After being connected to the computer, the content on the computer page can be directly displayed, so that the students can learn more knowledge content. Moreover, it is possible to control the operation of computer files and program systems as if sitting at a computer directly through the whiteboard interface with your fingers.

Regarding how to buy an electronic whiteboard and its precautions, Magic gives you the following suggestions:

1. Decide according to usage requirements

Interactive electronic whiteboard is divided into electromagnetic type, infrared type, pressure-sensitive type. Each of the three technologies has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, the pressure-sensitive interactive whiteboard is a large-sized interactive touch system designed for business meetings, industry applications, education, training and other places. Supports perfect point pressure touch and writing feel, can be written with fingers or any blunt objects, durable.

As a leading domestic electronic whiteboard company, Magic has unique insights in the field of pressure-sensitive electronic whiteboards, and continuously improves and innovates its technology to overcome various technical obstacles, making the pressure-sensitive electronic whiteboards enter a new chapter, such as: accurate positioning, writing It has the advantages of fast tracking speed, small writing power, constant pen and no flying pen.

Second, we must clarify the reliability of the product source

Units or individuals purchase large touch demonstration products, it is best to confirm the identity of the sales staff before asking for the price. Generally, regular manufacturers will authorize the sales staff to clarify this, so that they can "buy at ease and use comfort".

At present, there are many electronic whiteboard brands on the market, and there are a considerable number of "OEM products". The so-called "branding" is actually the fact that some sellers buy repaired products or defective products from manufacturers cheaply, affix signs, and sell them cheaply. In fact, their profits have not changed, and the quality of the products has naturally changed. ThinkBoard? Whiteboard is a high-quality product developed, produced and sold by Beijing Magic Technology Co., Ltd. The products have passed CE, FCC certification, all use high-quality green and environmentally friendly materials, and have passed RoHS certification. 2009 Best Product Award, the company was named the top ten multimedia display companies in 2009. In other words, the ThinkBoardT? Series electronic whiteboards under Beijing Magic Technology are independently produced by regular manufacturers, and are not OEM products.

3. Quality first, accessories should not be underestimated

At present, some electronic whiteboards are accompanied by many application software in the sales process to make up for the technical defects. Buyers should never forget the usefulness of the product because of the included software. The purchase of touch electronic whiteboard products is mainly to improve the efficiency of office and teaching, so the technical requirements of the products are the first. Users should consider the following practicalities when purchasing:

1. Can it be operated with fingers? (Using the electromagnetic pen is inconvenient and inconvenient due to the failure of the pen, as well as radiation. The pressure-sensitive whiteboard technology is relatively mature and can be directly operated by fingers.)

2. Is the operation of the toolbar simple and convenient? (Complex operation will reduce the efficiency of the demonstration. There are shortcut buttons on both sides of the Magic ThinkBoard? SP-8000 series)

3. Is the installation and connection complicated? (Complex connection is greatly restricted by the environment, and it is very inconvenient to move. The optional mobile bracket can be placed at any position of the whiteboard, which is convenient and flexible.

4. Does it need training to learn to use? (Simple operation can let the non-fixed presenters quickly master the operation, ThinkStudio? Digital interactive system software is powerful, friendly interface, simple and practical.)

5. What is the length of the transmission line? (The Magic ThinkBoard electronic whiteboard can be equipped with a 25-meter USB cable. The transmission line has a large amount of data and fast speed, and enhances environmental adaptability.)

6. How about anti-interference? (Selecting a pressure-sensitive electronic whiteboard or digital touch screen with little environmental interference is more suitable for complex environments)

7. Is the panel easily deformable? (Generally speaking, when the backplane is made of wood or plastic, it will be deformed after 2-3 years under the influence of climate. It is best to use high-quality aluminum honeycomb panels for manufacturing, which is not easy to deform and resistant Strong impact capability and service life up to several decades.)

4. Look at both after-sales service and product updates

Good products may not cause problems, but there will be no after-sales service. The usage time of various electronic whiteboards is different, generally ranging from 3-10 years. Can the manufacturer provide a longer warranty? Service commitment to provide accessories? Provide software upgrade service? Questions to be investigated before buying. Magic Technology provides: free lifetime upgrades of drivers and supporting application software under the same hardware model, a 5-year warranty, hardware three-guarantee service, and on-site training and services, so you have no worries.

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