High temperature resistant boiled ink

With the development of economy, commodity promotion, market prosperity, and the emergence of various supermarkets and shopping centers, people rely more on the appearance of goods to evaluate the quality of goods. The packaging and printing of goods is particularly important, especially in recent years. The marketization and industrialization of agricultural products such as milk and cooked food have formed and developed rapidly, resulting in a strong growth in the demand for flexible packaging. The flexible printing possesses the characteristics of exquisite printing, attracting customers, promoting sales, vacuuming, retort sterilization, and long shelf life, providing powerful guarantees for the development of these industries. The high-temperature boiled flexible packaging is a kind of high-grade functional packaging, it generally resistant to 121 °C ~ 135 °C high-temperature cooking, high temperature sterilization technology to achieve the purpose of maintaining the content of food flavor, in order to extend the shelf life.

High temperature resistant boiled ink is developed to adapt to the field of flexible packaging based on food packaging and can be applied to gravure printing any film composite packaging plastics, single-component and two-component, alcohol-soluble ink, its main technical characteristics Good printability, good ink fluidity, can prevent dirty plate, block plate phenomenon, strong three-dimensional impression of printed products; its composite adaptability is good, can get a stable composite strength and heat seal strength; boiling resistance performance is 90 °C ~ 130 °C high temperature, after 30 minutes, basically normal, no change; its residual solvent amount determined by all qualified. Product quality, hygiene and safety are guaranteed. According to statistics, China's per capita consumption of flexible packaging materials is only 0.5kg/person. Years, while the developed countries are 120kg/person. Years, showing that the product has great potential for development.

Designed with an annual output of 100 tons of high temperature resistant boiled ink series, equipment investment is 50,000 yuan, plant is 200m2, raw material cost is 19 yuan/kg, reference ex-factory price is 35 yuan/kg, annual output value is 3.5 million yuan, annual profit tax is 1.6 million yuan yuan.

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