Die cutting machine delivery device

The utility model relates to the field of packaging and printing machinery, in particular to a paper-receiving device of a die-cutting machine. Including rack, ball screw, timing belt, servo motor a, linear guide, servo motor b, timing belt, guide rail slide, long belt pulley, motor seat and flat belt. Two linear guide rails are fixed on both sides of the rack, and the servo motor a and ball screw are fixed at the bottom of the rack. The output shaft of the servo motor and the lower section of the ball screw are connected by a timing belt. The upper end of the ball screw is screwed and fixed. On the motor base, the servo motor b is mounted on the motor base. Both sides of the motor base are connected with a guide rail and a linear guide. At least one set of long pulleys is installed above the servo motor b. The output shaft and long pulley of the servo motor b are used. Timing belt connection, flat belt above the long pulley. The utility model reduces the labor intensity of the operator and meets the requirements of the paper collection process to the maximum extent.

Side Awining

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