Self-sealing distribution cock for flexible packaging

[Abstract] A self-sealing distribution cock for flexible packaging is disclosed. The plug includes a piercing end configured to pierce the wall of the flexible container (100) and a flexible member (40) that can be passed over the plug when it is inserted into the container and deployed to prevent it from being inserted. It is withdrawn from the container. On the outside of the container there is a clamping mechanism (20) which presses the flexible member against the inner wall of the container, thereby providing a barrier against the inadvertent passage of product, bacteria or oxygen inside the container between the inside and the outside of the container.
Sovereignty Item 1. A self-sealing dispensing cock comprising: an elongated tube having a generally rigid outer wall, the elongated tube including: a piercing end; and an articulation surrounding the outer wall near the piercing end a stop portion; an articulation flap connected to said hinge stop portion near said tube, said hinge flap comprising: a ring having an inner diameter sized to apply said hinge flap to said slender tube And a plurality of jaws attached to the outer periphery of the ring; a pressure plate comprising: a disk having a substantially centrally located opening, the opening being sized and configured such that the disk can be applied thereto. An elongated tube; and a locking member provided on a side of the hinged stopper portion opposite to the piercing end and at a certain axial distance from the hinged stopper portion.

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