China's most professional overseas engineering equipment supporting solution

Nanjing Xinan Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. recently launched a supporting solution for civil engineering testing and testing instruments, including: highway testing and testing instruments, railway testing instruments, electrical testing instruments, water conservancy testing instruments, municipal engineering testing instruments. At the same time, we have also developed solutions that are in line with international civil engineering, specializing in providing EN European standard road test equipment, ASTM American standard test equipment, NF French standard test equipment, BS British standard test equipment service items. All relevant construction, highway, railway, water conservancy, electric power test instruments and test equipment can provide professional, high-quality supporting and one-stop service.

Nanjing Xinan is devoted to the operation of imported testing and inspection instruments and is divided into the following product departments:

1. Construction Non-Destructive Test Instrument (Construction Non-Destructive Test Instrument) (structural engineering, concrete, steel, metal, building leakage, infrared detection and diagnosis, non-destructive testing of pile foundation and foundation)
2. Transportation Engineering Instrument (Transportation Test Instrument) (road, bridge, tunnel, railway, wharf and airport testing)
3. Geotechnical Test Instrument (Geotechnical Test Instrument) (geotechnical, rock, pile foundation, dam, tunnel and landslide test)
4. Laboratory Material Test Instrument (Laboratory Material Test Instrument) (laboratory equipment, concrete, cement, asphalt, steel, geotechnical, rock, aggregate and general tests)

Nanjing Xinan became the exclusive distributor and partner of many leading manufacturers in China:
1. The world's leading R & D manufacturer of geo-asphalt experimental equipment ----- TROXLER
2. The world's leading manufacturer of highway materials dynamic experimental equipment ----- British COOPER company
3. The world's largest manufacturer of experimental equipment for civil engineering materials-Italy MATEST
4. The world's leading developer of geotechnical experimental equipment ---- German HMP company
5. Swiss manufacturer of high-quality non-destructive testing instruments-Swiss PROCEQ company
6. The famous British geotechnical experimental equipment manufacturer ---- British ELE company
7. South Korea's well-known non-destructive testing manufacturer ------ Korea MCSCO

The main customers of Nanjing Xinan Company include:
Construction, highways, railways, transportation, water conservancy, electric power, construction units, supervision units of major well-known universities and research institutes

Nanjing Xinan Company Profile

Nanjing Xinan Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. (referred to as Nanjing Xinan Company) --- established in 2006, mainly introduces and sells various advanced experimental instruments and equipment in the world; the products involve construction, highway, railway, municipal, water conservancy, electricity, Test instruments and equipment used in environmental monitoring, geological geophysical exploration, construction, supervision units, scientific research institutes, and colleges and universities.

Relying on the global purchasing network and the good cooperation relationship established with world-famous equipment manufacturers for many years, our company acts as an agent for high-quality products of several well-known brands. The Division has close technical exchanges with relevant manufacturers in countries with advanced civil engineering testing technologies, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, and Israel. We not only have a group of experienced senior technical engineers and professional sales team; at the same time, we have an independent international trading company in Shanghai; in order to better do the technical service work in domestic and foreign markets, our company officially in 2008 An office was established in Xi'an, North China District to provide one-stop service for import and export instruments and equipment at home and abroad.

With the development of the world economy and the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength, our company sells instruments and equipment all over the country, and exports to Hong Kong are exported to Africa: Algeria, Libya, Angola, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Central Africa, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Ghana, etc. and Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines and many other overseas countries.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "leading technology, operating with integrity, mutual benefit and win-win". Keep making progress to ensure professionalism in the industry; reasonable product prices; comprehensive support services; diversified added value of technical capabilities; strive to become a comprehensive solution provider for road and bridge testing instruments. Has now become China's most professional overseas engineering equipment supporting solution.

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