Test fat content Is your internal organs getting fat?

The internal organs are overloaded, and the internal organs are fatter than the fat ones! Therefore, the internal organs need to lose weight. Once the visceral fat content is too high, it is not only easy to cause external obesity, but also causes heart disease and high blood pressure! Use the following small test to determine if your internal organs need to lose weight.

The latest research on obesity shows that visceral fat obesity will be a serious threat to life! But 91% said that when burning fat, they only pay attention to subcutaneous fat, but ignore visceral fat! When visceral fat accumulates, the cells in the body must be internally swelled to store too much heat. In addition, if these calories are not consumed in time, it will also lead to obesity in women! Therefore, not only to thin out the S-shaped curve, but also to act immediately, to develop a plan for visceral weight loss for yourself!

4 step small test

Test 1: Your waist is hoarding too much fat, and all kinds of thin waist methods are useless?

Answer: This is the primary sign of fat exceeding the standard, because the visceral fat is just in the abdominal cavity, once the hoarding is too much, the waist size will continue to increase!

Test 2: The medical report shows that everything is normal, just overnutrition?

Test fat content Is your internal organs getting fat?

Answer: This is not to prove how high your quality of life is, but to tell you that visceral fat has exceeded the standard, because part of the excess nutrients have been converted into excess fat and attached to the internal organs.

Test 3: Are you a type that is not meaty or not? Especially when you have dinner.

Answer: If it is so long, the fat is difficult to absorb and burn in the body. It can only be around the internal organs, and eventually the visceral fat content exceeds the standard.

Test 4: Constipation is not surprising for you.

Answer: Obviously, because you can't defecate properly, excess fat can't leave your body, and constipation will naturally occur!

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