An Yixuan's An Whitening Method

An Yi Xuan, a beautiful woman with a pair of big eyes, became a goddess of many people through a "Betta", and in the "Next Station Happiness" that she broadcasted a while ago, her frustrated love made many MMs sigh for her. An Yi Xuan 's skin, close to the white and delicate, and what kind of whitening method does she have? Let's ask her about the whitening method !

An Yi Xuan's whitening skin

An Yi Xuan's whitening skin

In an endorsement activity, An Yixuan does not ask if he faces the magnifying glass general medical treatment mirror, will he worry that his spots will be exposed, and An Yixuan is confident: "Even if the magnifying glass is 100 times, it is not worried. Because My skin is really white and delicate now.” The problem skin expert Yuji also said: An Yixuan's skin is even and translucent, elastic, is a very beautiful skin, no makeup should be no problem. As long as the future continues to whiten, it is possible to prevent the production of spots. "Yuan Dian (Zhuang Dian) recommends the use of zebra root cell whitening essence to maintain, zebra root cell whitening essence, using French "anti-regeneration technology", containing chitin derivatives, biological live cytokines, natural plant extracts, high Protein component, cell whitening factor, pore shrinkage factor, and long-lasting moisturizing factor can quickly repair, whiten and moisturize skin cells, promote the synthesis of SOD in human cells, remove the metabolic "free radicals" that are constantly produced, and prevent the formation of melanin.

When a reporter asked An Yixuan to give his skin a few points, An Yixuan replied: "Although I am very satisfied with the current skin, I still can't relax. I can only give 90 points. I have to tell myself that I have to be tired every day. Maintenance, in order to always be white in front of the camera." An Yixuan has a set of own whitening method, this set of whitening methods do not have to spend a lot of time, do not rely on pulsed light, laser and other medical beauty means can win beautiful and fair skin, oh, This is her An American whitening method. As an actor, often because of filming on the mountains and the sea, lighting the sun, Xuan said that the physical condition of a sun has made her very troubled, coupled with busy work, no time like the popular dermatology clinic Pulsed light, laser, so I practiced a set of home-style whitening method. Whitening skin care products from the ingredients, mention how to choose whitening skin care products, An Yixuan said that she chooses whitening skin care products must first provoke from the ingredients, a variety of whitening effective formula essence, for various whitening problems, such as anti-inflammatory , to prevent the formation of spots, but also gentle and non-irritating, so that she can easily maintain carelessly, so that the skin becomes bright and white! Yudian International Whitening Cosmeceuticals, careful selection of herbal raw materials, dozens of flowers and skins and skin synergy synergy, professional, gentle, efficient, thorough and highly unified ancient herbal makeup, it is difficult to think of beauty!

An Yixuan said that if you feel particularly tired, or need special maintenance, you will use the essence with whitening mask to strengthen, very simple steps, but as long as you do every day, do not have to spend a lot of money on the clinic to pulse light, you can also be very beautiful! Problem skin expert 荘典, ten years of creation, the legendary cosmeceutical classic three whitening moisturizing mask, whitening moisturizing, no-wash, refreshing and not greasy, classic three essential whitening moisturizing mask, contains a variety of whitening moisturizing ingredients It is suitable for daily whitening care of ordinary skin, improving dryness and water shortage, restoring skin elasticity, and suitable for long-term conditioning of problematic skin such as dullness, dryness, yellowing, roughness and relaxation, which can gradually restore skin to whiteness and lubrication. And shiny.

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