Custom furniture is optimistic about the future of industry chaos

Recently, “door events” in the home industry have emerged one after another. With the growth of the new generation of consumer groups after the 1980s, personalized consumer demand has become the mainstream. Custom furniture is in line with the inevitable requirements of modern young people to admire their individuality and show their own charm, and has won the favor of modern consumers, so the custom furniture is rapidly popular. In the market, demand is also expanding.

According to relevant statistics, in the short term, custom furniture has accounted for about 10% of the entire furniture market, and the development prospects are huge. Custom furniture suddenly became a blockbuster in the depressed furniture market, igniting the fire of the industry that revived the industry.

Just after the “customization” trend in the custom-made furniture detonation industry, it is not difficult to find out under the calm analysis that there are many hidden constraints behind the prosperous market: At present, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the custom furniture industry, and the industry concentration is low. The products tend to be simple plagiarism and imitation, the same as the plagiarism and plagiarism, the brand is messy; the product quality is uneven; the comprehensive cost increases, the enterprise risk increases, and the vicious competition trend is obvious.

In the face of the new situation in 2011, custom furniture companies must innovate product sales models, and widely use the Internet to achieve product sales and brand promotion channels. E-commerce can break through the weaknesses of many management, purchase models and marketing channels in traditional sales channels, and strengthen the advantages of instant, initiative and quickness of the Internet.

Most of the current custom furniture is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to the “customization”, it is impossible for the factory to implement large-scale assembly line production. This production mode makes it difficult for enterprises to grow bigger, form their own scale, and it is difficult to be in the industry. Form your own brand. Using a professional industry platform such as a customized furniture portal to reduce the operating costs of enterprises, explore the valuable resources that enterprises need, expand sales channels, and use the advantages of rapid Internet communication to promote the establishment of corporate brand image, and then drive sales through brands.

China's e-commerce has experienced rapid growth and development in recent years, and the consumer market is very large, providing enterprises with a rich market space. It is logical for enterprises to use network marketing. Network marketing plays a decisive role in the future development of enterprises.


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