Unique packaging of honey products

At present, new changes have taken place in the way of drinking honey. On the market, there are honey products available for daily consumption. The “Daily Life Honey of the Chinese Bee Bee,” and the “Source” brand of pure natural honey produced by Dalian Hualong Bee Products Co., Ltd. can provide daily edible independent packaging. Both of these products are packed with honey in plastic pouches, and cartons and plastic soft boxes are used as the outermost packaging of the product. The daily edible independent honey product packaging is convenient to carry and access, avoiding the possible damage of the glass bottle packaging in the logistics process, and also improving the drawbacks that the original glass bottle packaging needs to be eaten as soon as possible after opening, which is more safe and sanitary.

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Horse Polo Bandage is used on the lower of leg to protect horses from injury during training, competition or outdoor activities. Regular horse polo bandage is make from polar fleece, which is soft and sweat absorbing. There is no padding inside polo bandage. Now, there are also elastic materials to make polo bandage to meet more demands. The length we ever produce 10x300cm, 11x275cm. You can also direct length and width. We can also add lether part, which show your logo, with polar fleece material to consist your style. If you have other ideas, please inform me. I will have a try to help you open your market.


horse polo bandage

Horse Polo Bandage

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